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Southern State of Mind
with Sugarcane Jane

Savana was born and raised in Loxley, Alabama overlooking fields and timberland her ancestors had claimed and cleared generations before. In a beautiful, white sprawling house set alone in a forest of planted pines, the little girl with the big voice grew up in a peaceful place around friends and family and with horses to ride.

To hear Anthony tell of his early childhood, he was raised in the slums of Mountain Brook!  Of course, to get the joke, you’d have to know that Mountain Brook is the wealthiest town in the state of Alabama. But even as a child, Anthony was more interested in the thoughts and feelings of people everywhere, no matter where they lived, no matter the size of their houses. He was interested in his guitar and the chords he might invent to capture the mood of a place and the folks who called it “home”.

The words came later–after the music– as they often did. He was not writing about a transitory feeling. No, he wanted to trigger mental images of the essence of a place.  Anthony was determined to bring more than a feeling to the listener. He wanted to evoke a state of mind…a southern state of mind.