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Napoleon’s Rabbit War

with Julie Richard

Hop along with Julie Richard as she unravels bunny myths and delivers a hare-raising tale of Napoleonic misadventure in this very funny Betcha Didn’t Know! Uncover the toothy truths of our long-eared companions. It’s not all about carrots, snuggles, and floppy ears! Discover a world where teeth grow at a fairy-tale pace, big furry feet lead to daring escapes…and even mighty rulers find themselves scampering to safety!

From the Contributor's Dock

Julie Richard is the founder of Fearless Mom, a community of mothers that exists to equip and encourage moms as they tackle parenting with purpose, courage, and lots of laughter. Julie’s background is diverse and provides a unique platform of expertise with which to deliver life changing content—often in hilarious ways. She is experienced in special education and teaching elementary reading, along with early childhood, kids and student/teen ministry.

Julie and her husband, Mac live in Austin, Texas where they founded Lake Hills Church in 1997. With her incredible ability to explain practical solutions to complicated situations, Julie delivers valuable information with humor and joy. She and Mac have two young adult children, Emily and Joseph, both of whom have apparently helped equip Julie with a wealth of experiences! Fortunately, she uses those experiences as a foundation to empower moms with skills and tools in order that they be able to actually ENJOY being a parent!

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