Peace of Wisdom
Proof of Hope

By Andy Andrews

Ever watched a sunrise? Spectacular, aren’t they? If you’re fortunate enough to see one in all its glory, you can’t help but feel joy….gratitude…

…and hope

Maintaining hope when times are good is pretty easy, isn’t it? 

But what about when times aren’t so good?

I’ve discovered a proof of hope that consistently lifts my heart, mind, and spirit and keeps me moving forward. 

It’s this: even in your worst times…you’re still breathing…which means you’re still here.

If you’re still here, you haven’t completed what you were put here to do … the most important part of your life has yet to be lived.

It doesn’t really matter how old or broke you are, how long you’ve tried, how depressed you may be … this is proof  – the fact you’re still here – that the best part of your life is still ahead of you! There’s more laughter to come, success in your future, more children to teach, friends to influence.

There. Is. More

The fact that you’re still breathing is proof. 

Today’s Peace of Wisdom can be found in allowing yourself to hope. 



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