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At Work Situations

How can I get a raise at my job?

Not to be a smart-alec right off the bat…

But how do you get a raise at your job? You need to be worth it. And maybe I should say…obviously worth it. You want to create massive value. You want to think like the owner.

Think like the owner of the company. And if you can think like the owner, you can understand the owner’s concerns. You can understand what the owner values. And when you meet that value in exceed that value, you get raises.

Here’s an amazing thing to me—I see people all the time griping about how much they make or how much they don’t make and, and griping about the wage and this and that…and yet, they don’t seem to understand the other side of the process.

I was at a gas station the other day and I had gone into the convenient store and I came out and there was a landscaper’s truck behind me waiting to get to the pump. So when I saw him, I broke into a jog and waved at him and I said, “I’m sorry, I’ll get right out of your way.”

And the guy said, no problem man. Take all the time you want. I’m working by the hour. And I didn’t say anything, but…

This is a landscape company in my town and I knew the owner of that landscape company.

And I’m sitting there thinking, man, seriously? And you’re going to be the first one to gripe about not making much. Do you understand that your very job hinges on this? Your very job hinges on the owner making money.

The guy employees like 20 people, and if he doesn’t make a certain amount of money, or if the expenses get too great, he’s going to have to go from 20 to 19 employees. And so if he’s looking at the 20, and if he has any idea who’s going, “Yeah, I’m working by the hour. You know, I can wait in line.” I don’t care if he has any idea. This guy is going to be the first to go.

Okay? But if on the other hand, if somebody in the landscape business is bringing work to the boss, they’re bringing clients and they’re becoming the kind of person that’s retaining clients, or you know…other people that are saying, “Hey man, I love Johnny, and can you always send Johnny to my house?”

Okay, well, if the guy has to go from 20 to 19, let me tell you who he’s not laying off. He’s not laying Johnny off.

In times of plenty, and in times of cutback, the great people, the valuable people not only stay, they prosper, and then when times get really great, they participate in the excess.