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How Do I Gain Belief in Myself and Avoid Pride?

Well, believing in yourself is obviously critical. You know that. That’s why you asked the question. But you also have to avoid pride, that can lead to arrogance, that leads to destruction. I mean, your question is a great one, your question is one that we all should spend some time contemplating in our own life. You know, just off the bat, one thing I would tell you is to make a distinction in believing in yourself and pride. There is a distinction between believing in yourself is probably a lot quieter than pride. Pride seems loud to me and you and I both know that somebody can be loud even when they’re not saying anything. Have you ever seen somebody walk into a room and they didn’t say anything but you just thought, gee, cause just…they were loud and things, you could just tell, this is like pride dripping off them and or maybe arrogance flinging into the far corners of the room and you could just tell, okay, a but a quiet confidence is a different thing.

And I think good quiet confidence or that a belief in yourself, I think it can be, now let me explain this. I started to say it can be built quickly over time. It sounds ridiculous, doesn’t it? It sounds like a contradiction in terms, but I do believe your confidence can be built quickly. And I don’t know what quickly is to you, all right? But it’s not going to be built with a snap of the fingers. It’s a series of consistent decisions. And sometimes those decisions are the same ones over and over for a while. But talking to yourself about yourself and talk to God about yourself and be quiet. And sometimes it just be quiet and contemplate where you’ve been, what you’ve learned, how that’s going to apply in the future and realize that you have been carefully and thoughtfully made. You have been armed for the battle. You have been fitted for the things you are about to endure. You are about to engage in a mighty quest and every thing that has ever happened in your life, good and bad, have built the muscle to bring you to this moment in your life to where you are going to be able to accomplish what you have in your sight. See, there’s nothing that will build confidence. There is nothing that will build belief in yourself. Like the truth.

No, no. Fear is, I believe the absence of truth. A belief in yourself is a balance of the truth. Pride is assuming more of the truth than is there? Okay. You know that perfect balance of believing in yourself, that quiet confidence I think is the absolute truth about yourself. So come to the truth about yourself. And when you know the truth about yourself, it doesn’t matter as much if other people agree with you. See what you see. If you know the truth about yourself, then you can push forward and move forward and know that they will eventually see what you see, that they will come aboard. But you don’t have to be mean about it. You don’t have to be prideful about it. You can just go and get the job done. You look at some quarterbacks that we know, I don’t even have to name any, but if you just kinda remotely follow any NFL players or followed some from college into the pros, you can see the ones that they came in humble and they remained humble.

And I say humble that they were humble, but they believed in themselves. And I will mention a couple of names two that really come to mind. They are Peyton Manning and Tom Brady and I don’t think you’ll find any better careers or any more accomplishments in any field of endeavor than these guys have managed to do and accomplish in professional football. But you can look at a lot of people who came in with a flash your accolades, certainly flashier than Tom Brady. Right? I mean, what he was drafted in the fifth or sixth round? I mean he only started his last year at Michigan. I guess you wanted to Michigan, didn’t you go to Michigan? Yeah, I think he did. But I think that you have a unique ability right now to just go somewhere, sit quietly for a few minutes and begin this every day. Begin doing this every day.

Just sit down, be quiet and determine the truth as you are being quiet. Kick out the fears because those are lies, you don’t need them. Kick them out. I mean, sometimes I kick them out and they’d come right back in and so I kick him out again and they come right back in. And so I have to stand up and I move to a different location. That sounds silly, doesn’t it? But it, it works for me. I moved to a different location and said, okay, you can keep bugging me here. You’re not going to bug me over here. And I’m telling you, you’re not going to bug me over here. I’m leaving you here alone. And you know, these doubts and fears, you stay in this chair if you want. You seem determined to get in here. So stay here. I’m moving over here and I kind of laugh at myself. It’s a game I play, obviously, but, I managed to get quiet and determine the truth. You need to do this, the truth until you are, and you can believe it.