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How Do I Overcome Doubt?

I think doubt is the “big booger bear” of our lives. Doubt is like the thing that’s under the bed at night. That’s the monster we were scared of when we were kids. The question is, “How do I overcome doubt?” You know how we talk about the quality of your answers will be determined by the quality of your questions? I actually think a better question there would be,” How I do battle effectively with doubt?” Because I don’t know that you can overcome doubt. I don’t know I’ve ever met anybody who overcame doubt about everything in their lives. I mean it’s like how can I overcome eating? Is there a way to overcome that? I’m not sure that there is. Now, you can do battle with your eating and do that battle effectively. And so, I do think that you can effectively battle doubt.

The first thing that is on your list is to become a student of principals. Right? A searcher of principles, a person who is able to understand principle. And also let me just say, when we’re talking about principle, the definition of wisdom is a deeper understanding of principle. And so, very wise people have a deeper understanding of principle. But think about the definition, a deeper understanding of principle and realize that the truly wise people are the people who went, “Okay, I’ve got a deeper understanding of principle. Where do I go now?” Well, deeper.

And so, somebody said to me one time, they said, “Well, you know, deeper? It is what it is.” And so once you get to there, how much deeper and understanding could you have? You know, at that point I think you begin to move laterally and begin to figure out ways of explaining it. Right? And I think that ways of explaining the principle to other people gives you a deeper understanding of it.

And so, I think that as far as doubt goes and doing battle with doubt—to be able to hang your hat on real absolute truth, which is what a principal offers, it does wonders against doubt. You know, principals work whether people know them or not. You don’t have to understand a principle to have it work. Right? You can deny gravity. You can not understand gravity. You can not agree with the entire concept, but if you stumble off a cliff, it will make itself known to you…whether you understand what’s happening or not.

You know how we say “principles work every time” and “principles work whether you know them or not.” Okay, well, ignorance of principle is no protection from the consequences of violating that principle—just because you didn’t know it. And so, being aware that there are principles around that we can not only have a deeper understanding of…but that we might be able to search and seek and understand where we can prove some principles that maybe nobody really kind of thought about in that context before.

There is a way that you can come to grips with principles that will do battle for you with the doubts you’re having in certain areas of your life. So seeking wisdom, that seeking that deeper understanding of principle is a constant process of doing battle effectively with doubt.