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How Do I Overcome My Struggle to Follow Advice?

Well, I’ll tell you this if you’re single, don’t get married. Okay? Because if you think you’re getting a lot of advice now. Look, the best thing I could tell you to do possibly, I understand what you’re saying, I’m just being a smart aleck. We all have a struggle to follow advice. But the biggest struggle should not be whether to follow it or not. The biggest struggle should be in determining if the advice is relevant or not. Right? You struggle to follow advice, Well, what if you’re getting bad advice. Oh, I just struggle with following that. Well, that’s probably a good thing. All right? In that case.

It’s not just a struggle to follow advice that you’re really after. What you’re really after is to figure out what advice is worth following. Because in any situation, you’re either going to ask for advice and you’re probably going to ask more than one person. And then in other situations, people are going to see that you need advice or they’re going to think you do and they’re going to come out of the woodwork to give it. And whether you ask for it or not, wouldn’t it be awesome if somebody gave you incredible advice and you followed it and it paid off in massive ways?

Okay. Well, I think that if you become this student of principle right, and you read. Then you won’t struggle to figure out what advice to follow. Because you’re seeking wisdom. This is why we do this. We seek wisdom so that we have discernment. So that we have perspective. When you’re wanting to work with the right advice you’ve got to find the right advice. One of the things the old man Jones told me one time, he said, “You need to stop listening to yourself about what you like to do and don’t like to do. And start talking to yourself about what you need to do.” Now specifically, he was talking about reading right then because I kind of told myself at one point, I don’t really like to read. And so you know, his explanation was, “Do you like to fish?” And I said, “well, yeah, I like to fish.” He said, “Yeah, but you caught a bunch of fish and the reason you really like it, is you know what it’s like to catch fish. And you don’t mind going through the waiting part. Other people sometimes, they say they don’t like to fish, but what it really is, is they don’t like to wait.”  Well they never really caught a bunch of fish and so they don’t like to wait.

Well if you’re saying you don’t like to read, are you telling me you’ve never read anything? You’re telling me you never read an email that made you laugh out loud? I’m saying this Jones didn’t say that, Jones was kind of before email. You’re telling me you have never read an email and it made you laugh and never read something, a quote somebody gave you that made you tear up? You never read something you want to pass on to every friend you have? Of course, you have. Okay, well then if you say you don’t like to read, those things are being read. And so, I guess you’re talking about books and if you’re saying you don’t really like to read because you’ve read a couple of books that you didn’t like. Okay, well don’t read boring books. Find some author that doesn’t bore you to tears and read that.  And do it a little bit at a time because you’re struggle to find advice that works is going to be your struggle seeking wisdom and seeking discernment. Perspective. All right, so simplify your life so you can search for that. Get past opinions and get to the truth. Get to principles, not opinions, not platitudes. Get to the truth. I hear people say sometimes, well, I’m entitled to my own opinion. Well, yeah. Okay, good. You are, but you’re not entitled to your own facts. Just because you believe something doesn’t make it the truth. We have to do our homework, do our own thinking and seek wisdom so that we can find the truth so that we can discern the right advice. And then you won’t struggle to follow it because you’ll know that is the way to go.