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How Is Fear Used in Our Lives?

Well, I think this a good question. I’m not sure I have a great answer for it because I am not sure I know which direction you’re going now, if the direction is how is fear used in our lives to keep us safe every day? Then I got a great answer. Alright? I actually think, I have a great answer either way. But the great answer to that is that fear is used to keep you from falling off a cliff. Okay? If you realize you’re getting more and more fearful as you get closer and closer to this cliff, that should be a clue to you. Get away from the cliff. If you realize that you are becoming more and more afraid, the higher you climb in the tree, then climb down it. You know, that’s pretty simple, right?

And so you can take that and you can roll that into a ton of other things. But now, there is a negative part of this. You know, how fear is used in our lives. There’s not a great use. I think it’s used in our lives to stop us, to barricade our thoughts, to barricade our actions, to shut us down emotionally, physically, and in just about every other way you can imagine. And, I talk to people sometimes that they are just absolutely bundled up with fear. They’re scared to move. And I hope you’re not one of these people as I’m answering this, but I don’t know how many different ways I could tell you that this kind of fear is not good. I suppose one way I could tell you it’s not good is to tell you it’s born of your imagination, right? I mean, fear, is nothing new to the world, but a misuse of the creative imagination that has been placed in you. You’re misusing it. You have an imagination. And rather than imagining, the good things that can happen in imagining the ways you might build methods to work toward those good things, you’re using your imagination to think, oh no. Oh No. Don’t use your imagination to be Eeyore, use your imagination to be Tigger. Whoohoo!

Okay. In the Bible, it says 365 times, can you imagine that number? That’s the number I heard Rick Warren, the guy who wrote the purpose driven life, talking about that one day and I looked it up. It’s true. 365 times in the Bible in one way or another. God says, fear not. Don’t be afraid. And so, he’s providing a fear not for every day of your year. It’s curious that it’s that number isn’t it? But don’t let your creative imagination be misused in such a destructive way.

This is worry. Worry is the same thing. Worry is fear. Worry. You know, sometimes I’ll talk to people and I’ll ask them, What are you struggling with? And I’ve had people tell me, well, focus, you know, I have a hard time focusing and anytime I have anybody ask me that, I always say, do you have a tough time with worry and doubt and fear? And they say, yeah, I do. I do. I really do, I worry a lot, my wife says I’m a worry wart or my cousin says I’m worry wart or my husband says, or my boss says, and it’s always funny to tell them, well, focus is not your problem then because that’s what worry is…focus. That’s what fear is. But you’re focusing on the wrong thing.

You know, focus is to grab hold of your own mind and turn it into a direction and dial in. I mean that’s what focus is. So that’s grabbing your own mind and making your own mind do that. And so if your own mind is grabbing itself away from you and go into worry and fear and all like that, this is nothing. I mean you need to put down that anchor that you’ve been carrying around your back. And I mean tell yourself, come on, I’m not going to eat and tell your brain. I know you might not know if I could do that. Yes. You can. Imagine that you can. All right and just tell your brain, I’m not gonna let you do this. And move it. Sounds silly, but it works.