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How does a person balance dreaming and longing for “more” with being personally content?

I believe personal contentment is either beyond money or beside money. Personal contentment is something that has to do with joy if we were talking about happiness. But happiness comes and goes. Joy is the level of personal contentment that I believe that you can have even when you’re financially strapped, even when you know, you could use more. I know in my life, if I have waited for money to come in before I was content, I would have been a pretty joyless person and I don’t believe I would’ve been a very good dad. I certainly wouldn’t have been a good husband. I would have been probably a miserable friend to be around. But the difference in a longing for more or wanting more, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with striving for more with that kind of thought process with dreaming for more.

I do not believe that that’s healthy if it is in place of personal contentment or if that has to be achieved for personal contentment. I think an easy thing for me to understand is there are several things that I want to do, several things I want to have. All right. But before anything goes up on our refrigerator, so to speak. I mean, you’ve heard people talk about putting their dreams up on their refrigerator. We don’t really do that, but, we have certain things that we talk about a fair amount and before anything becomes of a product of focus for our family, the idea is that we’re very joyful whether we ever get this or do that or not. Remember happiness kind of comes and goes. Joy’s a level of contentment and a personal understanding that I don’t need these things to be fulfilled.

Yes. I would like to create more. I would like to make more, create more opportunities, to have more opportunities to help you. But I’m very aware of blessings that are beyond me. You know we have a house we live in, my family, but I have proven in my life that I can sleep under a pier and I can be fine. I think because there is a level of gratefulness that you can choose. You can choose to be a grateful person and a grateful person is a contented person. The dreams have accomplished more or having more, as long as it lines up with your mission in life. I think that’s great. But if there are things beyond what I need that I’m attracted to in my quiet times, I examine those and I think, okay, if that happens, if I achieve that, would that make my mission in life more vibrant Would it make my mission in life more successful? Would my mission create more help for more people? My personal mission is to help people live the lives they would live if they only knew how. If I accomplished that, would that make me better? Would that make me more effective with that help more people? And I suppose there are some things that somebody might look at me and say, you know, some thing I had or say, well, that’s not really necessary for me. I get that. That’s kind of the point, right? I’m saying that there are things that are not necessary, but if they are a tool for moving your mission forward, it’s okay to go after them. It’s okay to go after them, but you also got to be sure that if that doesn’t happen in your life, it’s not going to be just like the disaster and go jump off a bridge because you didn’t get that kind of car that you didn’t get that land or whatever it is. Okay? All right.