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My Money

My mother told me money did not grow on trees. Was she correct?

Was she correct? Of course, she was correct. Your mother was right about everything. Does money grew on trees? No,  it does not. But I’ll tell you this, money can float out of thin air. You can make money appear to come from nothing. The way you do this is by figuring out what it is that you know. Or what it is that you are that is valuable to other people. There is some thing that you know. There is something that you can do. There is something that you are, that people will literally pay for. You don’t have to manufacture it.  You may have to work at it. This is kind of like creating a business of your own.

You may have or you will, I don’t mean, you may have to work for it. You will definitely have to work at it. But, you don’t have to get a storefront. You don’t have to manufacture anything. You may have to write something.  You may have to talk about something. I’m telling you there is something that you know, something you are, or something that you can do that is worth a lot of money.  It will make your life look like money is coming out of the air.

I’ll give you an example.  I had a friend whose child grew up in the theater stuff. Acting and just incredible at all this.  When the child graduated from high school, instead of going to college. The chile went to New York and began to audition for Broadway plays. And as always happens, it seems like, it’s tough. It’s a learning process. It’s something you have to have to grow and get good at before you get any work.  Now, meanwhile, as time passes, living in New York is its own tough time, I suppose. Figuring out, he’s been in several different apartments. He’s had several different jobs. He was a waiter. He was a doorman. He’s had to support himself while he was auditioning. He had to learn how to get an agent.   How to deal with an agent. How to find out about casting calls. There is so much to it. It was just unbelievable. I told my friend, I said,” Let me tell you something.” I said, “There is a lot of money right there.” This is kind of ongoing now. So I can’t say this is already been done. This is just the process, the beginning process of an idea that I had for him.

Every town in America has somebody that graduated from high school and they’re going to go to New York or go to LA. They’re going to be an actor. Every town in America has one or two or three of those people. So there are hundreds of thousands of people who are about to go somewhere to do this. And their parents are nervous. And these people have no idea how to go to New York. What do you do to get an apartment?  What do you do to get an agent? How do you find out about casting calls? How do you? What do you do? How do you get a job and he keep a job? How do you negotiate a lease? How do you negotiate the term in a lease? I said, “Your son knows all that.”  I said, “Your son could create a pdf document that tells people how to navigate New York. If you’re coming from small town America, he could create a several page document on what you do, who you call, and how do you do this or that?” And I said, “I’m telling you there are people all over the world that would pay $99 a piece for that document.”

All I’m saying is, in your case, no money does not grow on trees but it can seem to come out of thin air. Because there is something that you know. There is something that you are.  There is something that you can do that is hugely valuable to other people. When you figure out what that is and you figure out how to present it to people in a valuable way.  And it truly is. You’re not teasing. No smoke and mirrors here.  It’s got to really be of value to people. Then that money’s going to come out of thin air, baby!