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How can a person use their dreams to help other people?

Your dreams actually should be lined up in a way and examined in a way that they will help other people. I got to say, that if your dreams are selfish dreams, they’re not really worth pursuing. I’m not saying, “My dream was a larger house!”  You can help a ton of people if you have a larger house.  I’m saying, to figure out how you would use that. I always wanted to have a house that was large enough for company and that was near the water because I grew up with my family  could almost never go on vacation. When we did go on vacation, we had to stay in this little tiny cabin  I thought it was great, but now I know that we stayed there so my mother could cook because we couldn’t afford to go out to eat.

I wanted to have a house that was something like somebody could come to you on a vacation because I knew so many people who had helped me in my life. So many people that I love that I wanted to be able to visit. To have them visit and to be able to enjoy and have a vacation but not have to worry about the money. You can use your dreams to, to help other people, not just to help other people dream. You can help other people, you can be an example with what you accomplished for other people, that they can do what you have done. You can teach it. You can also allow them the opportunity to be blessed by that.

I have for years wanted to get a lot of land out in the woods. I want to have places where I can have quiet retreats for people on it. Teach the advantage of being quiet and listening for answers. And so that’s a dream of mine. I don’t have a lot of land. I actually don’t have any land, but I want to. So that’s a dream I want to get after. And, that’s one that I believe I can use to help other people. So you can have massive dreams. It’s okay to have big dreams. Just make sure that you know why. That you register within those dreams, the reason you are pushing in that direction.