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What is the purpose of a personal board of directors and why is it important?

A personal board of directors can keep you headed in the direction you said you wanted to go. When you’re thinking was very clear.  Your vision for your future was very clear. The personal board of directors, even when your vision gets clouded, even when you’re tired, a personal board of directors can keep you on task.  It can keep you on the map. It can keep you moving forward.  I used to hear people call it, an inner circle.  Well, an inner circle can be just buddies that they know stuff that not everybody knows.  You can tell your life stories to your real inner circle. The real life stories. You tell them the stuff that you don’t really want anybody else to know because they’re in your inner circle.

Your inner circle is not like a personal board of directors.  I remember seeing on ESPN one time, I was doing the interview.   There was this football player who’s causing constant trouble. The other guy on the show was a friend of his. He was in his inner circle.  The host of the show asked this guy, he said, “Does your friend?” He said his name. “Does he listen to anybody? Because this guy’s just creating trouble. Just one stupid thing after another.  The host said, “Does he listen to anybody? And his person on his inner circle said, “Yes he does. He has people that he loves who love him and he listens to their advice.”  I raising my hand?  I want to say, “Hey look, you can have people you love who love you very much and they’re still dumb as dirt.”  You can have people in your inner circle that you wouldn’t listen to for advice in certain areas.

A personal board of directors are people that you decide that they’re better than you in every part of your life.  Now, if you’re like me, I can find people in every area of my life that are better than I am. They have greater results. Their processes are better.  Just everything better.  In my health, in my finances, my writing, my marriage, my parenting, I can find examples.  Now here’s the great thing about a personal board of directors. You just find them and watch them.  Maybe ask them questions occasionally.  You them for coffee. but you don’t have to tell them that they’re on your board of directors.   If they understand the concept,  maybe they’ll start to suspect it at sometime.  But you don’t have to tell him that they’re on your board of directors.  Consequently, you don’t have to pay them, either. Do you know why the big companies have board of directors?  To keep them out of trouble.  To keep them on the straight and narrow.  To keep them headed down the path of greater and greater results. Well, that’s why you want to have a personal board of directors, too.

If you have been married 13 years, find a couple that has been married 35 years. They’re still together after 35 years. Oh my gosh.  If you have a seven year old and a nine year old,  find somebody who have already raised their children. Their children are adults.  They have raised the kind of children you’d like to raise. They have raised children to be awesome adults. Find those people. Take them to lunch and ask them questions. Talk to them.  Find somebody who has the health and vitality that you want to have.  Find out what their program is.

You can find people better than you in every area of your life and you can really raise your game with this personal board of directors concept.