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Adult Children

What Will Your Kids Remember About You When You’re Gone?

Well, I remember my parents, of course, I remember a lot about my parents, but my parents died, when I was 19. My mom died of cancer. My dad was killed in a car accident. And when you’re 19, there’s not a lot of things you think about as far as somebody may die or gathering things that you want to remember. And so I have ended up in my life with not much of my parents things. I don’t have a single written word of my father’s, I don’t have anything. And I can vividly remember his chicken scratch handwriting, but I don’t have anything that he wrote. I remember his signature is Larry Andrews and it looked like an L—-y A-d-then a swing on the end for the S. And it’s kind of what his signature to look like, but I don’t really… I don’t have anything.

What I’m trying to do is to create this kind of ongoing treasure chest. And I think you can start this at any time. I think you can even do it for your adult children. And certainly there are things around your home or memories that you have that you can write about certain times and just stick it in that treasure chest. If your child is younger or even teen years. Well heck, even as an adult, there are things that you can find that you think that you might think will be great for their life and that you may not want to give them all along. But, I can see as an adult child, being able to give it to them for their 30th birthday or if you’ve saved it for an amount of time to give it for their 25th birthday as they’re growing up or the 21st birthday, 21st birthday might be kind of tough.

Cause I think a lot of times, 21st birthday people are in chaos and you don’t want to lose everything. If there’s a book that Polly and I that really helped us, we’ll put that book in the treasure chest and if there’s any way we can get that book autographed to them, we will do that too. And I know in the treasure chest there was a fish that Adam caught that was just such a big deal to all of us. And I quietly, I got the lure that he used and he never even missed it, right? But I took the lure he used and I wrapped it and, and wrote a little thing about that fish and put it in the treasure chest. And so there are moments that you can put in and remember… Tickets to a play or an airline ticket to a place or a gas stub where you drove to a certain place and write a little bit in your own handwriting about that because these memories that you’re building will last forever, especially if you saved them.

They’ll mean a ton to them. And in my case, I wish my parents had written down their blood type, how they voted, what their favorite book was, what their favorite television show was. I don’t know any of that. So come on, get to work, creating the memories that you want your children to have about you and about your times together.