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Small Children

Why is it important to raise grateful children?

One reason is because people want to be around them. I think there are very few things, more repelling than an ungrateful little child, just a selfish, little, ungrateful child. But, don’t let me get off on that side road, I think that it is important to raise grateful children because you want to raise grateful adults. You want them to become grateful adults. Now as you raise grateful children and teach them to show gratefulness, a lot of times you have to explain what it is they should be grateful for because sometimes kids look at their lives and it’s just the way it is. I remember going on a cruise one time with Austin and Adam, and I was speaking on the cruise. It was Bill and Gloria Gaither and this whole cruise was their big thing, I was the speaker and our family got to go and I pulled the guys aside and they were probably, I don’t know, 10 or 11 and seven or eight and I said, hey guys, this is going to be an awesome week, isn’t it?

And they said, yes sir, it is. I said, okay, I want you to think about something. I said, one thing is that almost everybody on here is an adult. So you want to act like adults. You know, as we’re going to be real careful about running and pushing and yelling and you know we want to fit in here. But I want you to remember all week long, every time you see, Mr. Bill and Miss Gloria, I want you to know that if it weren’t for them, our family would not be on this ship. The things they have done in their lives, the people they have become, have created a situation that they can bless our family. You know, we get to go on this cruise because of the life that Mr. Bill and Miss Gloria have led. So when you see them this week, don’t forget to thank them and tell them that you’re having a good time and tell them that you appreciate being here and to show your gratefulness.

I think it’s important to teach children and to show children, I guess bring them into an awareness of the life that they are living. But we wantto raise grateful children so they can become grateful adults. You show me a grateful person and I’ll show you a great husband. You show me a great grateful person. I’ll show you a great wife. You show me a grateful person. I’ll show you a great friend. You show me a grateful boss. I’ll show you an awesome boss, a grateful employee. You really want to have a grateful spirit to balance the things that you’re striving for in your life and the reality of your everyday work and your existence. You want to have a grateful spirit so that you can be an awesome leader in your own family and in your community and at work. But it starts with raising grateful children and explaining and showing them the reality of their lives what we really have to be grateful for.