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At Wisdom Harbour, we go below the surface of everyday life to explore beyond what is merely true. Subscribe today and join us as we explore The Truth in a way that can help you change your life for the better — starting today.


We want you to get your money’s worth every time you log in! Your $17 membership allows you access to all docks and every corner of Wisdom Harbour. So, have fun, and please, share the news about Wisdom Harbour with all your family and friends!

Perhaps the best part of your membership is the price. It’s $17. That’s right. Wisdom Harbour costs only seventeen dollars per month!

While our harbor master is one of the main content providers, there are some long-time friends who will be sailing into port. So, keep a close watch on the docks. New content arrives regularly.

As you’ve probably already noticed, Harbour has a “u” in it. Because what we do here is about YOU! It’s spelled with an “o-u-r.” Wisdom Harbour is not mine or theirs … it’s OURS!

We look forward to seeing you around the docks very soon!

What to Expect

What to Expect

Once a member of Wisdom Harbour, your docking privileges are unlimited. With so many different moorings available, there is always room to pull in and tie up. Stay as long as you like.

Inside Wisdom Harbour, you’ll enjoy browsing along the docks. There is something for everyone and a lot for you! Here are some examples:

The Betcha Didn’t Know Dock

Features four- to five-minute videos heavily weighted toward history, science and knowledge about common topics that aren’t commonly known! The information is delivered just like the funny teacher you wished you’d had in high school!

You will love these glimpses into the unknown. Parents are able to watch Betcha Didn’t Know with the entire family, equipping everyone for fun conversations about subjects no one previously knew anything about!

The How Do I? Dock

This dock has something for everyone and is always exciting. This dock can be overwhelming, for content arrives here often and must be sorted and stacked. Take the time to check out what you might want to learn! Want to tie the easiest fisherman’s knot? Prepare jerky or make a lemon pie? Write a song? Shuck an oyster? Publish a book? A unique and very fun archive of short and medium length videos, the How Do I? topics are as varied as your imagination! So, what would you like to learn? Tell us! We will find the expert to teach it on video. 

The Questions and Answers Dock

This dock will “go live” on a regular basis, and you are invited to participate. You provide the questions; the answers are delivered live by Andy Andrews or the occasional special guest! Start times will be posted—even emailed to you, if you’d like—but should you happen to miss the live action, pull in to this dock anytime for a full replay.

The Salty Mug Dock

Tucked away in the harbour’s cove area, The Salty Mug provides a secluded place for quiet conversations. Early morning, late afternoon, even in the middle of the night, there is always someone waiting to talk with you. This dock is Wisdom Harbour’s most private experience. There is never a crowd. It’s only you and the person with whom you feel most comfortable sharing a cup of coffee.

Do you need an answer to a personal question you dare not ask anyone else? Are you stressed out and can’t sleep? Perhaps you’d just like to sit back and hear a funny story… Well, this is your place. The atmosphere is always casual and of course, it’s BYOM. So, come on in. Bring Your Own Mug, take a deep breath, and listen to the wisdom of a trusted friend.

The Sensible Scribe Dock

This carefully maintained dock holds a growing collection of the written word. Here, you’ll find thought provoking articles, unique stories, private letters, personal notes, deep musings, and occasionally, even poetry. Much of the content here has never been shared publicly. For whatever reason, some pieces were tucked away by the writer for years. Now, it’s all available for you.

The Interview Dock

We are constantly surprised by the folks who stop in to chat. Celebrities, entrepreneurs, teachers of all kinds—these interviews are in video or downloadable audio formats. The conversation will be interesting and the content actually valuable to you!

The In Other Words Dock

These videos explain the meaning behind many pieces of literature or history we recognize, but don’t necessarily understand. The Gettysburg Address, Shakespeare, and Churchill’s most famous words are all tackled here—often in hilarious fashion. A part of the original work is shared before those words are broken down into today’s language and explained… with a few smart remarks added for good measure!

The Podcast Dock

Here, Wisdom Harbour highlights and stores specific episodes of various podcasts that will be of great interest to you. Also included in this line-up are weekly epsiodes of The Professional Noticer, a podcast presented by your harbor master, Andy Andrews. The Professional Noticer has listeners in almost 100 countries. While all podcasts we post are available in multiple places, Wisdom Harbour archives them here for your convenience. Other than the podcasts available on this dock, everything else at Wisdom Harbour is for members only.

The Audio Book Dock

Well worth your time—and it’s a favorite mooring of the Wisdom Harbour crew. Check out The Call of the Wild by Jack London and see how quickly you come back for more! It’s read by our own Andy Andrews!

Here’s a question…

Do you remember being a 10th grader and forced to read books like The Canterbury Tales or The Scarlett Letter?

Remember being tested on content you barely understood? Even today, many books that are considered “classics” are just plain hard to read. Because of that, they are next to impossible to understand. (And if you’re in the 10th grade and don’t understand the story, how well will you do on the test?)

At Wisdom Harbour, when these classics are recorded, certain old English words and phrases are replaced by their modern equivalent. The meaning of every paragraph in every story remains the same. The book is, however, delivered to the listener in an understandable way. From Mark Twain and Daniel Defoe—Tom Sawyer to Robinson Crusoe—these audio books are downloadable and will be a pleasure for your whole family.

The Songwriter Dock

Wisdom Harbour has something special happening here. The standards for being featured in this space are considered by some to be ridiculously high and because of the professional accomplishment required, The Songwriter Dock will never host more than a very few individuals or house an extensive collection of music. After all, it is the musicians—more than an individual piece of music—that Wisdom Harbour truly wishes to introduce to you. Two or three songs are selected by each songwriter to share and of course, because you are a member, all songs showcased are available for you to download.

The Just for Fun Dock

One of the happiest places in Wisdom Harbour is The Just for Fun Dock. Here, you’ll find a collection of the old and new. Comedy material, long unavailable to anyone else, will be available to you right away. An original “man on the beach” game show leads the pack of hilarious, downloadable video and audio created especially—and regularly—just for you

The Marina Market

As you might expect, there is an established Wisdom Harbour product line, but a large part of the excitement generated by The Dock Store is our revolving door policy regarding limited edition items. Always in operation for special prices, the “revolving door” might display twenty of something or five of another. All without notice! And once the items are gone… they’re gone for good! So, check The Dock Store often. Don’t miss out!

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