Anxiety can make us feel as though we are the victims of our own thoughts.   And….that is an accurate way of describing what is happening.  Anxiety IS caused by our thoughts.

Our thoughts are produced by sorting and rationalizing what we read, see, and hear.  By allowing our thoughts to lead our emotions, we often end up in an anxious place.  Thoughts are not feelings, but they can become feelings if we allow them free reign.

Instead of allowing a feeling to control the narrative of our lives, we have the power to provide our brains with better thoughts. 

Anxiety is a feeling. Like all other feelings, it doesn’t make something true. We can feel anxious….and still be able to produce thoughts rooted in truth. 

There are those who struggle greatly with anxiety.  And there are those who only get anxious when they are tired or overwhelmed.  Either way, it’s nothing to be ashamed of.  And if it becomes too overwhelming, it’s okay to ask for help. But always remember, you have the power to control your narrative. 

Today, your Peace of Wisdom can be found in understanding that while your feelings may be heavy, that doesn’t necessarily make them true.