If time is the currency of life, you can consider the moments you spend exploring The Docks to be a wise investment in your future.  Personally and professionally, you’ll find idea inducing content on every dock.


At Wisdom Harbour, when a “classic” is recorded, certain old English words are replaced by their modern equivalent. The meaning of every paragraph in every story remains the same.  The book is, however, delivered to the listener in an understandable way. So…sit back, close your eyes, and listen with your imagination!

Betcha Didn't Know

Welcome to glimpses into the unknown! You’ll enjoy these short videos featuring history, science, biology, and a few facts about everyday life that no one considers. All information here is delivered by the funny teacher you wished you’d had in high school!

Blue Plate Special

Join us LIVE at 12:15 pm Central on Tuesdays and Thursdays for lunchtime, learning, and laughter. Scroll to the bottom of the Homeport to see when the next broadcast will be, or visit the archive of previous episodes here.

Cabin Kids

With safety rails in place, this is the dock for children to roam free. Built to entertain and inspire, there is also an exciting undercurrent of learning at this location. Parents, feel free to join in. The content here will spark opportunity for valuable conversations with your child!


An interesting visit when you have the time, the Captain’s Dock is where you will meet the folks most responsible for the content in Wisdom Harbour. Learn about your new best friends here and find out where else you can connect with them and enjoy their work.


There are learning materials here for everyone. Downloadable curriculum resources for twelve books have been created for teachers, administrators, home schools, and students. These curriculums are already being used in more than 2,500 school systems! Also included are four different audio seminars for adults based upon four of the same books.  Get ready…learning is about to be fun!


The Holidays Dock is always changing.  Elves, bunnies, leprechauns, groundhogs, and cupids redecorate constantly while veterans, moms, dads, and a few former presidents stock new content according to your favorite upcoming days of the year!  Come on in…the fireworks will begin soon!

How Do I...

Check out what you might want to learn! A unique and very fun archive of short and medium length videos, topics here are as varied as your imagination! 

I Was There...

Most of us just read about history. On this dock, however, the people featured were a part of history. Now, you can experience some of the 20th century’s most significant events from the vivid memories of those who were actually present. They will tell you the stories that the text books left out. And they will remind you…”I was there.”

In Other Words

This dock features short videos that are used to expose the meaning in a wordy piece of literature or history we still recognize, but have honestly never understood. A part of the original piece is “performed.” Then, those words are delivered in today’s language and explained…with a few smart remarks added for good measure!  

Just for Fun

The happiest place in the harbour, here you’ll find the old and the new. Original material, old favorites, and forgotten classics–hilarious, video and audio unloaded from the Humor Barge and delivered to this dock especially—and regularly—just for you!


The standards are high. Massive professional accomplishment is required to be featured on this dock. And though they have selected material just for you, it is really the musician we want you to meet!

Peace of Wisdom

This is the archive of the twice-weekly emails sent to the inboxes of Wisdom Harbour members. Delivered in the morning, there is a Wednesday Peace of Wisdom and a Weekend Peace of Wisdom. Each is a short bit of wise perspective about a single topic to help you through your week.


A sampling of various podcasts—targeting specific episodes—are gathered here for your perusal. Also included in this line-up is every episode of The Professional Noticer, a podcast by your Harbormaster, Andy Andrews.

Questions & Answers

All material loaded onto this dock is categorized into subjects–some broken down into more individual categories. Choose a general subject and scan the choices to find the exact question you’d like to hear answered!

The Galley

The Galley Dock is the one you’ve been smelling since you arrived. The Galley is a happy place that offers conversation and the opportunity to learn about preparing great and unusual foods OR some of your favorite foods prepared an unusual way. Culinary fans will be right at home here with chefs that create with precision, on the fly, or entirely with their imaginations. Grab a stool and pull in close!


The Salty Mug

Do you need an answer to a personal question you dare not ask anyone else? Are you stressed out and can’t sleep? Perhaps you’d just like to sit back and hear a funny story… Well, this is your place. The atmosphere is always casual and of course, it’s BYOM. So, come on in. Bring Your Own Mug, take a deep breath, and listen to the wisdom of a trusted friend.

The Way I See It

Featuring Captains from all backgrounds, The Way I See It provides fresh perspective on a myriad of topics — some serious, some funny, and others in between! 


This carefully maintained dock holds a growing collection of the written word. Here, you’ll find thought provoking articles, unique stories, private letters, personal notes, deep musings, and occasionally, even poetry. Much of the content here has never been shared publicly. For whatever reason, some pieces were tucked away by the writer for years. Now, it’s all available for you.