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Currently Writing for Wisdom Harbour

Lisa Clark

Lisa Clark was raised in small-town Ohio and mid-sized-city South Carolina. She enjoys a life of simple pleasures with her husband Paul, their adult children and grandson, as well as Shadow the cat. Lisa finds meaning or humor, and often both, in nearly everything she does. After 25 years of teaching, she’s now the administrative assistant for a small private school for children with learning challenges. In her spare time she enjoys drinking coffee with friends and riding the backroads of the Carolina foothills with her husband in their convertible. She writes simply for the joy of it. 

Conia Wright

Conia Wright is a passionate executive coach and pastor, dedicated to guiding individuals on a transformative journey of self-discovery and purpose. With a firm belief in the power of personal growth and Divine calling, Conia’s mission is to empower others to unleash their true potential.

Through her coaching expertise, she equips individuals with the necessary tools to embrace their authentic selves, navigate challenges, and make a meaningful impact in their own lives and the world around them. With unwavering faith and unconditional support, Conia empowers individuals to become the best versions of themselves and live a life aligned with their true purpose.

Kaela Inman

Kaela, a self-described “potted plant,” has spent nearly a decade exploring the country in her RV while developing her writing and research skills. She has analyzed social movement strategy at the University of Maine, researched national security at Campbell University, and is now at Wisdom Harbour where she is eager to impart the knowledge she has gained while traveling. When not writing, Kaela enjoys spending time with her dogs, taking care of her houseplants, and drinking too much coffee.

Amanda “Mandy” Holzer

Mandy Holzer’s first memory as a writer is when she wrote the script for a 5th grade class skit class on the story of Snow White and the Seven Dwarves. She graduated from the University of Tennessee at Knoxville with a major in English, and also wrote for their student newspaper. She also worked as an intern in AAA East Tennessee’s PR department, and was an editor for Best Read Guide Smoky Mountains. During the pandemic, she finished the first draft of her first novel. Mandy lives with her husband Alex, in Gulf Shores, AL, and works alongside him as a carpenter’s assistant in his remodeling business. They also love to hunt together. Her hobbies include socializing, working out, music, and foreign language. She loves working for Andy Andrews! “Best boss ever,” she says, “And their mission of making peoples’ lives better is their highest ambition.” Andy’s books have inspired Mandy to start her own business.

Karyn Brownlee

Karyn fell in love with words as a child, her favorite book being the 1975 Childcraft Annual, The Magic of Words. She rode her bicycle to the library every Saturday morning and began writing her first novel at age 8. Sadly, it was lost before it was finished, much less published! Karyn received her bachelor’s and master’s degrees from Texas Tech University. For 18 years she served in public education, first as a teacher and then as a campus principal. Since then, she has worked as a writer, speaker, and consultant, while also serving in ministry and even running for office. Because Karyn has a passion for writing just about anything and for impacting others’ lives for good, she says: “Being a part of Andy Andrews’ team is a dream come true!” Karyn loves people, dogs, nature, food, movies, mysteries, research, road trips, treasure hunting, chess, puzzles and, of course, word games.

Faith Schwindle

Faith Schwindle has always loved the way words and stories connect people. She started writing stories in 5th grade, and in 2021, began a content research internship with a Christian education company. At Wisdom Harbor, she combines those two interests – and loves it!

When she’s not working on college or researching random facts, Faith is probably reading or playing piano. She loves interacting with friends, and travels frequently to visit older siblings and their families. She currently resides in northern Illinois with her parents, younger sister, and her puppy Autumn.

John Nantz

John Nantz is a retired FBI Special Agent whose home base is in Northern Virginia. He graduated from Regent University School of Law and was thereafter hired as an FBI Special Agent. Mr. Nantz was assigned to the Miami Field Office and subsequently to the Washington Field Office, where he retired as a Supervisory Special Agent after twenty years of service. Prior to his FBI career, Mr. Nantz was a Deputy Sheriff. In total, Mr. Nantz has served in the law enforcement community for 26 years. Counterintelligence, surveillance, criminal investigations, dignitary protection, and tactical operations were some of the major components of Mr. Nantz’s local and federal law enforcement career. Since retiring, Mr. Nantz has become a columnist for Townhall, and is currently producing his own work for publication. He can be found on Twitter and Instagram at @TheJohnNantz.

Chelsey Mears

Chelsey discovered her passion for words in 4th grade when she entered an essay contest and, much to her surprise, won! Over the next 20 years, she dedicated herself to honing her writing skills, priding herself on consistently delivering the highest quality work.

During her time in the US Army National Guard, Chelsey specialized in Communications. She utilized her passion for writing to create morale-boosting material and document the rich history of her unit, the 31st Signal Company based in Foley, AL.

Following her service in the Army, Chelsey rekindled her relationship with her high school sweetheart. Together, they have a son who was born prematurely, presenting medical complexities. Through her blog, The Chronicles of Cole, Chelsey shares the journey of raising a child with special needs.

Reflecting on her decision to join the Wisdom Harbor team, Chelsey expressed, “For me, the opportunity to collaborate with and learn from Andy Andrews is more than just a job; it’s a chance to truly make a difference in the world.”