An interesting visit when you have the time, the Contributor’s Dock is where you will meet the folks most responsible for the content in Wisdom Harbour. By using the platforms provided by several different docks, these are the people who can make you laugh, prompt your thinking, teach your friends, soothe your soul, and in so doing…change your personal and professional life. Learn about your new best friends here and find out where else you can connect with them and enjoy their work.


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Tami Nantz

Tami Nantz is the Communications Director for The Andy Andrews Group and is currently traveling the east coast in an RV with her husband John, and their two beautiful German Shepherds, Aspen and Rocky. They have a grown daughter, Anna – an artist who lives in South Carolina. Tami began her writing career as a political commentator and activist. She’s ghostwritten for New York Times bestselling authors, and written across several genres. She’s had her writing featured on the Jerry Jenkins website, and interviewed writing celebrities such as Andy Andrews, Vince Flynn, Dinesh D’Souza, and Katie Pavlich, as well as many sitting Members of the House and Senate, producing news hits, book reviews, human interest stories, and opinion pieces for publication. Tami’s career has spanned more than a decade — she continues to produce her own work for publication, and freelance for select clients as time allows. When she’s not writing, she can probably be found reading fiction or hiking the Appalachian Trail with her pups!

Jacob Norse Luker

Jacob is an Alabama native and one of the longest standing contributing writers of the WH team. When he’s not writing a Peace Of Wisdom or pitching an idea for the Betcha Didn’t Know series, he and his wife Emily host parties and tend to their ever growing collection of indoor plants – 60 and counting. Before becoming a writer he did everything from: Traveling the country performing hearing tests, managing a restaurant, commercial plumbing, and catching cheaters on an online exam platform. Today, Jacob writes and performs for his podcast, creating original audio dramas and comedy skits that range from the weird and wacky to the outright adventurous! Some of his hidden talents include: Playing basketball while juggling on a unicycle and singing almost as well as his aunt Rebecca. On any given day you can find him reading a good book or working on experiments in his garage. Jacobs favorite book of Andy’s is The Noticer because of Jones and his beautifully weathered suitcase displayed on the cover.

Amanda “Mandy” Holzer

Mandy Holzer’s first memory as a writer is when she wrote the script for a 5th grade class skit class on the story of Snow White and the Seven Dwarves. She graduated from the University of Tennessee at Knoxville with a major in English, and also wrote for their student newspaper. She also worked as an intern in AAA East Tennessee’s PR department, and was an editor for Best Read Guide Smoky Mountains. During the pandemic, she finished the first draft of her first novel. Mandy lives with her husband Alex, in Gulf Shores, AL, and works alongside him as a carpenter’s assistant in his remodeling business. They also love to hunt together. Her hobbies include socializing, working out, music, and foreign language. She loves working for Andy Andrews! “Best boss ever,” she says, “And their mission of making peoples’ lives better is their highest ambition.” Andy’s books have inspired Mandy to start her own business.

Lisa Clark

Lisa Clark was raised in small-town Ohio and mid-sized-city South Carolina. She enjoys a life of simple pleasures with her husband Paul, their adult children and grandson, as well as Shadow the cat. Lisa finds meaning or humor, and often both, in nearly everything she does. After 25 years of teaching, she’s now the administrative assistant for a small private school for children with learning challenges. In her spare time she enjoys drinking coffee with friends and riding the backroads of the Carolina foothills with her husband in their convertible. She writes simply for the joy of it. 

Stacie Herring

Stacie Herring is a native Texan and currently lives in Austin. She began her writing career in sports radio as a sideline reporter and daily content writer. She later took on roles as an editor and producer. Stacie graduated Summa Cum Laude from Texas State University with a Bachelor of Arts in Mass Communication–Electronic Media with a minor in Spanish. She’s lived in many wonderful places, including Botswana, The Czech Republic, and Alaska. When she’s not writing for Wisdom Harbour, she’s traveling the world and sharing stories about food, culture, and adrenaline-filled outdoor activities. She loves spending time in the water with her family and her dog, Laila, and doting on her nephew, Aaron, and two nieces, Finley and Freya.

John Nantz

John Nantz is a retired FBI Special Agent whose home base is in Northern Virginia. He graduated from Regent University School of Law and was thereafter hired as an FBI Special Agent. Mr. Nantz was assigned to the Miami Field Office and subsequently to the Washington Field Office, where he retired as a Supervisory Special Agent after twenty years of service. Prior to his FBI career, Mr. Nantz was a Deputy Sheriff. In total, Mr. Nantz has served in the law enforcement community for 26 years. Counterintelligence, surveillance, criminal investigations, dignitary protection, and tactical operations were some of the major components of Mr. Nantz’s local and federal law enforcement career. Since retiring, Mr. Nantz has become a columnist for Townhall, and is currently producing his own work for publication. He can be found on Twitter, Gettr, and Instagram at @TheJohnNantz.

Karyn Brownlee

Karyn fell in love with words as a child, her favorite book being the 1975 Childcraft Annual, The Magic of Words. She rode her bicycle to the library every Saturday morning and began writing her first novel at age 8. Sadly, it was lost before it was finished, much less published! Karyn received her bachelor’s and master’s degrees from Texas Tech University. For 18 years she served in public education, first as a teacher and then as a campus principal. Since then, she has worked as a writer, speaker, and consultant, while also serving in ministry and even running for office. Because Karyn has a passion for writing just about anything and for impacting others’ lives for good, she says: “Being a part of Andy Andrews’ team is a dream come true!” Karyn loves people, dogs, nature, food, movies, mysteries, research, road trips, treasure hunting, chess, puzzles and, of course, word games.

Kaela Inman

Kaela, a self-described “potted plant,” has spent nearly a decade exploring the country in her RV while developing her writing and research skills. She has analyzed social movement strategy at the University of Maine, researched national security at Campbell University, and is now at Wisdom Harbour where she is eager to impart the knowledge she has gained while traveling. When not writing, Kaela enjoys spending time with her dogs, taking care of her houseplants, and drinking too much coffee.