Have you ever had a day in which you had to choose to be enthusiastic?

A funny concept, I know….but were you aware that you could choose enthusiasm?

You know, enthusiasm adds a certain spice to situations that anger, frustration, hostility, or negativity will never be able to. And the results you gain, just from being enthusiastic…may surprise you!

Its like this…Obviously, we make decisions throughout our day.  We decide what to eat.  We decide what to do.  We also decide about the expression on our faces when we enter a room.  We decide on how we respond to what other people say.  

It is possible to make a decision about being enthusiastic without making a big fuss of it!  Like the commercial says…just do it.  Show some enthusiasm.  Take a deep breath and smile.  Chuckle to yourself before making the phone call or before walking into someone’s office. 

The world belongs to the enthusiastic because enthusiasm attracts people like nothing else.  Decide to add energy and enjoyment to your life by showing it on your face!

Today’s peace of wisdom can be found in choosing to be enthusiastic.  

Showing Off…

Our Captains are humble people, but… Some of them are SO talented that from time to time, the Harbourmaster will persuade them to “show off” just for you. Watch and listen as Gordon Mote displays a skill that will have you laughing and shaking your head in astonishment!