How many times have we stopped the journey…when the destination we sought was just beyond the road’s next bend?

Abraham Lincoln is one of the most important men in history. It may surprise you to learn that his life was filled with a number of personal tragedies and professional setbacks that would have deterred most people from their chosen course. Not Lincoln.  Instead, he persevered, and went on to become perhaps the greatest President the United States has ever had.

So, what was the key factor in Lincoln becoming the celebrated statesman of an era and ultimately remembered as a great story of success? His persistence clearly set him apart.  

Despite a personal timetable that fell apart again and again, Lincoln held fast to the vision he had decided upon: that of becoming President. Consequently, he refused to view his setbacks and shortcomings as failures, but saw them as progress. His perspective was such that he chose to see each defeat as a necessary steppingstone en route to reaching his goal. 

Abraham Lincoln persisted without exception!

Past defeats do not dictate future success.  Detours are often essential steps along the pathway to your destination, because you learn and grow even in situations that do not work according to your original plans.

Today, Your Peace of Wisdom can be found in persistence.