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Learn to Play Guitar with Jimmy Yeary

Jimmy Yeary has written multiple Number One hit songs and two of them won Song of the Year! Now, Jimmy is here to teach you How To Play Guitar…step by step!

U.S. Armed Forces

U.S. Armed Forces

There are six service branches of the United States Armed forces, but did you know they’re always listed in a specific order? Watch and listen as Monica Earley covers the founding date and motto of each branch in this fascinating Betcha Didn’t Know!

The Potato Chip

Do you love potato chips? Does it irritate you to buy what you believe to be a FULL bag of potato chips, only to find out when you open it that half the bag is…MISSING? Did you know potato chips were created by…an irritated chef? Grab a [half] bag and listen up! In this Betcha Didn’t Know with Armon Newton, you’re going to learn everything you never knew you needed to know about the potato chip!


Is life just a roll of the dice? Do we wake up every day with no choice but to play the cards we are randomly dealt? Are our lives bound only by chance…or do logic and reason have a place at the table? From the unexplainable, dating back thousands of years, to our modern day cities, the idea of “chance” often shrouds the view of something greater. Is there evidence to suggest that maybe we’re not as advanced as we think? In this content packed Betcha Didn’t Know, Andy will leave you wondering…just what are the chances?

A Double Feature!

Robert W. Service was known as “The Bard of the Yukon” during the gold rush days. It was another way of saying he was like Shakespeare to the people who lived and worked in the frozen North. His first book of “story verse” was released in 1907, called Songs Of A Sourdough, and quickly sold more than three million copies! It seemed everyone loved his raw, outdoorsy stories with their perfect rhymes. We think you and your family will too!

George Washington’s Inaugural Address

It was April of 1789… and the first ever inaugural address by an American president was underway. Among other phrases that seem indecipherable to us today, George Washington referred to the “vicissitudes incident to life.” But what does THAT mean? Watch and listen as Dr. Mark Foley unpacks the legendary wisdom of the nation’s chief civil servant, explains what Washington was saying, and boils it all down to a very simple (but sometimes hard to follow) rule. Enjoy the latest episode of: In Other Words!