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The Mason Jar

Ordinary household items are often overlooked. Curiously, the mason jar has a fascinating past dating all the way back to Emperor Napoleon. Today, you won’t believe what the famous glass company is up to, and that old jar sitting in your basement…it could be worth more than $20,000. Watch as Armon J. Newton unseals it all in this classic Betcha Didn’t Know!

Learn to Play Guitar with Jimmy Yeary

Jimmy Yeary has written multiple Number One hit songs and two of them won Song of the Year! Now, Jimmy is here to teach you How To Play Guitar…step by step!

Aunt Sammy

Uncle Sam wants you! Most of us can picture Uncle Sam’s image in our minds. But what about Aunt Sammy? Did you even know there was an Aunt Sammy? In this classic “Betcha Didn’t Know,” Leslie Anne Tarabella tells the story of an important American lady–and why millions of people counted on her during The Great Depression and throughout World War II. Aunt Sammy was a constant presence on national radio for two decades. She received hundreds of thousands of letters. And she wasn’t even real! This is History that has been forgotten…but is still worth knowing today!

The Velveteen Rabbit

First published in 1921, The Velveteen Rabbit was Margery Williams first children’s book. Voted #28 on the “Teacher’s Top 100 Books for Children,” this classic story about self-worth and acceptance follows a stuffed rabbit and his desire to become real through the love of a young boy.

Uniquely Acoustic

In this next episode from Admiral Bean studio, Anthony Crawford pulls out 4 different acoustic guitars dating back as far as the 1930s. Each one has a unique story, character, and of course, you'll get to hear the distinct sound as Anthony picks, strums, and bends...

Influences: Michael McDonald & Billy Preston

Listen as Gordon talks about working with Michael McDonald and why he’s not just recognizable for his playing, but also for his singing. Gordon also goes on to talk about and play Billy Preston—who is often regarded as “The 5th Beatle.” Plus you’ll hear the hilarious story about the time Gordon asked Michael, “Are you some kind of idiot?”