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Presidential Facts

Join Jimmy Yeary for a whirlwind tour of unexpected presidential tales that we Betcha Didn’t Know! From Thomas Jefferson and James Madison’s arrest over a Sunday carriage ride to John Quincy Adams’s bathtub alligator…delve into humorous and lesser-known stories of presidential pastimes, pets, and peculiar moments. This episode offers a unique glimpse into the personal lives and eccentricities of U.S. Presidents, showcasing history’s lighter side…only on the Betcha Didn’t Know Dock!

The Inklings

Join Briley Crisafi for a captivating journey into the friendship and literary world of C.S. Lewis and J.R.R. Tolkien. Discover the story behind “The Inklings,” an informal gathering where these iconic authors exchanged ideas, critiques, and encouragement, shaping some of the most beloved tales in literature. From their unique writing pact to the creation of Middle Earth and Narnia, you’ll hear the widely untold story of their collaboration, inspiration, and the remarkable legacy they left behind…only on the Betcha Didn’t Know Dock.

Treasures Lost & Found

Join Dr. Mark Foley as he unveils the story of the greatest treasure ever discovered — and lost — in the United States! This tale involves shipwrecks, hurricanes, and a fortune in gold and jewels that still captures imaginations today. Dive into the fascinating history, the thrilling treasure hunts, and the legal battles that followed. Discover the secrets of the sea and maybe, just maybe, where more treasures might be hidden. It’s a story of riches, adventure, and surprises that’ll make you see the sunny state of Florida in a whole new light… only on the Betcha Didn’t Know Dock.


Join Monica Earley in a fun and intriguing exploration of Monopoly, a game that dominates one-third of global board game sales! Discover its transformation from The Landlord’s Game to a capitalist icon and Hasbro’s clever strategy leading to their market monopoly. Learn about unique editions, the company’s expansion into entertainment, and the game’s massive financial success. Dive into the history and strategy behind Monopoly’s enduring popularity in this captivating Betcha Didn’t Know!

Legend Meets Legend

From the Audio Book and Writer’s Docks, Wisdom Harbour presents a unique fusion of two legendary talents! Jean Shepherd’s iconic voice with the timeless poetry of Robert Service provides an extraordinary combination of classic artistry.