What Is It?

WisdomHarbour.com is an affordable, virtual destination for all ages — giving members a unique advantage in a competitive world. Revealing wisdom in an agreeable and approachable way, Wisdom Harbour exists to help people live the lives they would live, if they only knew how.

Delivered by carefully chosen, trusted personalities spanning diverse generations and backgrounds, Wisdom Harbour produces valuable content that is both entertaining and educational.

How Is the Content Delivered?

All harbors have docks — including Wisdom Harbour.  Currently, there are 15 docks to explore, with more under construction.  At present, they include:

For an explanation of the material presented on each dock, take The Virtual Tour and watch The Inside Scoop.

Virtual Tour

Inside Scoop

Wisdom Harbour will also broadcast LIVE EVENTS on an “at least weekly” basis. Whether you prefer to read, watch, or listen, there’s something for you!

Who Delivers The Content?

While I’m technically “The Harbourmaster,” there are contributors from varied fields of expertise listed on The Captain’s Dock. Wisdom Harbour utilizes a staff of writers to support the “Captains,” who each deliver a wide range of material by way of video, audio, and the written word.

The Captains are a diverse lot — men and women, ages Gen Z to Baby Boomer, from all over the map.

The Captain’s Dock is represented by Educators, Grammy winners, Best-Selling Authors, Coaches, Broadcasters, CEOs, Chefs, Speakers, and more — all masters in their field, enthusiastic about sharing their wisdom and talents in an approachable way.

How Will I Regularly Access Wisdom Harbour?

Your computer or laptop are the obvious choices. A WisdomHarbour.com mobile app (for your smartphone or tablet) is also included in your membership. Access to Wisdom Harbour will be easy and immediate.

In addition, by enabling the screen mirroring function on your devices, Wisdom Harbour content can easily be transferred to your big screen TV at the office, in the classroom, or at home. (You’ll see separate, short explanations under each dock for how WisdomHarbour.com can be used to benefit Families, Parents, Teachers, Students, Young Adults, and Businesses.)

Using this tool, you can screen share an instructional or inspirational video by a Hall of Fame speaker in the conference room at work…show one of the short Betcha Didn’t Know or In Other Words videos in the classroom, or at home…take private guitar lessons from an award winning songwriter…or have a pair of very famous people read Twas the Night Before Christmas to your family on Christmas Eve!

How Much Does All This Cost?

A membership to WisdomHarbour.com is incredibly affordable. An individual membership is $2.99/month or $27.99/annually. A family membership is also available (for up to eight devices) for $5.99/month or only $47.99/annually.

While stacks of materials are already available, barge loads of new content are always being unloaded at the docks. Arrivals are regularly scheduled, so each time you tie up for a visit, there’ll be something new to explore!

In addition, exciting new contributors will soon be announced — along with several new docks.

Is There Anything Else?

As a member, you’ll also receive an email on Wednesday and Saturday mornings, each containing a short (two minutes or less) video. They’ll be titled Your Wednesday Peace of Wisdom and Your Weekend Peace of Wisdom.

Whether you watch or listen, these inspirational pieces are a great way to start your day!

How You Can Help

Please post one or both of these graphics to your social media pages. I have included a brief description of Wisdom Harbour below. Feel free to use this in your captions if you choose to post, as well as  #WisdomHarbourLaunch! 

Description of Wisdom Harbour: 
“The BEST—and least expensive—Christmas present ever! Andy Andrews’ WisdomHarbour.com just launched—you do not want to miss this! It’s a virtual destination that’s affordable and for ALL ages, spanning a huge variety of topics delivered by Educators, Grammy Winners, Best Selling Authors, Coaches, Broadcasters, CEOs, Chefs, Speakers, and others. Wisdom Harbour “exists to help people live the lives they would live, if they only knew how.” Click here to Check It Out! WisdomHarbour.com