The Way I See It
How Artists of the Past Saw Our Future!
French Artist from the Past

If you were able to put a vision on paper, how would you draw life in the year 2100?  

In 1899, a group of French artists were challenged to do just that…but for the year 2000.  The project was called En L’An 2000–which translates to, “In the Year 2000.”  Historians disagree on how many images were produced, but the consensus seems to land somewhere between eighty and ninety illustrations.

While some have undoubtedly been lost, the research team at Wisdom Harbour is diligently uncovering the fantastically odd pieces of art that remain in existence.  In the first installment, enjoy our initial 15 windows to the world in which our ancestors thought we’d be living!

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  1. Marcy Taylor

    It’s interesting that so many pictures of the “future” had so much on underwater scenes and flying scenes. Also they all showed levers and manual contraptions because they couldn’t foresee electric push buttons or screens like the Jetson’s had.

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