Dan Stone

Dan Stone is one of the wisest, most articulate people you will ever meet. He is a husband, a father, an inspiring leader, an artisan of storytelling, and a seeker of adventure.

For more than 2 decades Dan has worked with individuals, families, businesses and nonprofits to create exciting futures with lasting change. His relentless and happy pursuit of excellence has inspired hundreds of thousands of people…not just to succeed, but to actually live the life for which they were created.

Dan is an expert at pursuing growth with an extreme focus on personal relationships. His teaching, consultations, presentations, and coaching methods consistently produce greatness in the lives of others as he shares wisdom with vision and personal conviction. He communicates with a smile…from the heart.

Stop Making Lists

Are you stuck, trying to make a step toward something in your life but you just don’t know what to do next? You’ve been busy making lists, strategizing, asking everyone their opinion…and maybe that’s the problem. Dan Stone has some wisdom for where to turn when you’re treading water.

Newton’s Law

There are a million great reasons why it’s not the right time to get moving. What are you waiting to do? In this lesson, Dan Stone unpacks Newton’s Law and how this same law of physics also applies to your life. Today is the day to get in motion!

The Peanut

What else is there to learn about the peanut? A whole LOT more, as it turns out! Here’s the underground scoop on a nut that’s not even a nut!