Emily Isbell

Emily Isbell began her career in the Social Media Industry at age 18 and quickly became very successful offering her marketing expertise as a freelance service. Today, she is the Social Media Director for The Andy Andrews Group. She also regularly posts music content to her Youtube and Instagram pages.

Whether it is with a social media post or song, Emily’s passion is to create. Bright and witty, she has also been featured on Andy Andrews’ Podcast, The Professional Noticer, in multiple episodes as the Gen Z representative of the “Generation Quiz Off”! Emily is a key contributor to Wisdom Harbour, offering insights and creating content for multiple docks.

Outside of her career…Emily enjoys quality time with her family and friends…and has a special affinity for the beach.

The Platypus

Imagine a creature so odd, even scientists doubted its existence! The duck-billed platypus, with features borrowed from ducks, otters, and beavers, baffled experts since its discovery in 1797. But its mysteries run deeper…from electro-receptive hunting abilities to its ancient lineage dating back to the dinosaurs, join Emily Isbell for a thrilling Betcha Didn’t Know, as we delve into the enigmatic world of the platypus!

Fair Foods

When you think of a fair, you probably imagine the garden variety deep fried twinkies or oreos… and deep fried everything else! But did you know the most recognizable fair food was actually invented by a dentist? Get the scoop…actually get yourself a double scoop on this Betcha Didn’t Know!

Generation Conversation | Episode 1: Purpose Anxiety

In what will be a continuing series of enlightening discussions on various topics between people of different ages, Generation Conversations—Episode 1 features Emily Isbell (Gen Z) and Andy Andrews (Baby Boomer). Watch and listen for perspective on the seemingly new obstacle young adults are now facing. Mental Health professionals call it “Purpose Anxiety.”

Da Vinci’s To-Do Lists

Leonardo Da Vinci is known as one of history’s greatest minds. Ever wonder what he thought about on a daily basis? Join Emily Isbell on the Betcha Didn’t Know Dock and examine some of Da Vinci’s “To Do Lists” to find out!