Jimmy Yeary

Jimmy Yeary was writing songs long before becoming the lead singer of the Grammy Award winning supergroup SHENANDOAH. These were years that saw Jimmy performing #1 hits like Mama Knows, Somewhere In the Vicinity of the Heart, and Sunday in the South.

Today, in Nashville and Los Angeles, one of the most common calls in the music industry is from an artist’s representative to Sony Publishing requesting availability on songs from Jimmy Yeary’s catalogue of music. It’s not surprising. Jimmy has written more than two-thousand songs, many of which have been featured on albums selling millions of copies–Grammy winners, gold and platinum awards among them. Fourteen of Jimmy’s songs have been certified “Number 1” hits as singles by Billboard Magazine.

Recently, both the CMA and ACM awarded Jimmy Yeary with “Song of the Year” for I Drive Your Truck–the inspiring song he wrote about the father of a fallen soldier and how he continues to remember his son. Jimmy’s most recent Number 1 was “I Called Mama,” a song he wrote for Tim McGraw.

The Abernathy Brothers

When two boys decide to ride from Oklahoma to New York City, it’s not just about the distance, but the heart and spirit of adventure. With only their ponies and the sky as their map, they journeyed almost 2,000 miles! From meeting presidents to joining the very first ticker-tape parade, these boys sure knew how to make an entrance. In this heartwarming Betcha Didn’t Know from Jimmy Yeary, we pay tribute to the indomitable spirit of the Abernathy Brothers, proving that age is but a number when it comes to epic adventures.

Prepare to Be Creative

Have you ever struggled with “creativity?”  Do you sometimes feel like you just can’t get your brain into a higher gear? Fortunately, there is a very effective process you can apply that turns uncertainty into razor sharp creativity! One of the most creative people in the world, songwriter Jimmy Yeary has fourteen Number 1 Hits and three Song of the Year awards. In this conversation from the How Do I? dock, Jimmy reveals his secret to creativity—preparation. Watch as he teaches you exactly how to prepare!

Random Acts of Kindness

Did you know that kindness is contagious? Jimmy Yeary is here to deliver a special Salty Mug about a random act of kindness that happened to him. You’ll realize how a simple, small act of kindness can spread beyond the initial act and change the world!


The second single from his forthcoming bluegrass album, Jimmy says that this song, and especially the video concept, are inspired by his wife, Sonya Isaacs, of the world famous Gospel group, The Isaacs.

Bone Dry

Here’s Jimmy performing a song he wrote AND recorded—that just went #1 on the Bluegrass charts…”Bone Dry!”

The Making of a Songwriter

For some reason, I remember it being a Thursday.  With lightning speed, my dad’s callused right hand landed on my face. I lifted my arms in a feeble attempt to block the next blow, but the left hand was also successful in finding its target.

You Are Not Alone

The day this song was written, Jimmy Yeary had received a call from a family member who admitted she was suffering through a dark time. She was not only deeply depressed, but ashamed to tell anyone. “I just feel so isolated,” she told Jimmy, and added, “It’s as if I’ve been abandoned.”

Can’t Leave It Behind

Jimmy was raised in a little town named Hillsboro, Ohio. One particular morning, he was really homesick and wishing he could–at least for a moment–return to the place he’d grown up.