Lauren Bradford

While many little girls dream of one day being in the Miss America pageant, Lauren Bradford actually did it! As the 2021 Miss Alabama, Lauren had already graduated from Auburn University Summa-Cum-Laude with a degree in Finance. Currently a graduate student at Vanderbilt University, Lauren is pursuing a career in strategic consulting and wealth management. She hopes to improve the impact that businesses make on the world while showing that women can be strong leaders in the world of Finance and Global Markets.

Lauren grew up in Gulf Shores, Alabama and is active in several outdoor sports. When she was fifteen, Lauren began her UNPLUG campaign to educate parents and children about the harmful impacts of tech overuse and to share practical ways to balance consumption. Lauren is approachable and friendly—especially with children—and laughs easily…all traits that will enhance her contributions to Wisdom Harbour. And in case you were wondering, Lauren finished the Miss America pageant as First Runner-Up!


Technology can be great…but is there a downside to overuse? Watch and listen as Lauren Bradford takes you through the five dangers of technology overuse in this discussion of her Digital Diet Plan—UNPLUG!

Amazing Animals

How many different species would you guess are on Earth? One-hundred thousand? One million? Not even close. Scientists estimate there are over 8.7 million! Watch and listen as Lauren Bradford takes you on a tour around the globe and discusses a paw-full of facts that we betcha didn’t know!

Persevering Through Embarrassment

Have you ever found yourself in the midst of a moment when you’re just plain embarrassed? Former Miss Alabama Lauren Bradford has! In this Salty Mug, she relates to you how she was embarrassed in front of millions of people…at the Miss America Pageant!

Dr. Mary Walker

A riveting Betcha Didn’t Know from American History…. Lauren Bradford delivers the true story of the only woman to be awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor! You’ll wonder why you never heard this one!!!