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At Wisdom Harbour, when a “classic” is recorded, certain old English words are replaced by their modern equivalent. The meaning of every paragraph in every story remains the same.  The book is, however, delivered to the listener in an understandable way. So…sit back, close your eyes, and listen with your imagination!

Curriculum Guides

Downloadable curriculum resources written for teachers, administrators, home schools, and students!

Becoming a Noticer

Becoming a Noticer will give you the tools you need to change your perspective forever. This intensive audio program will take you even deeper into the timeless principles contained within Andy’s New York Time bestselling novel The Noticer. Join Andy for a unique, one-on-one coaching experience in which he demonstrates how learning to notice the little things will enable you to fully grasp the big picture.

Reclaiming Your Lost Choice

In this engaging and intimate audio series, Andy shares with you six critical yet simple choices you can make to change your life’s direction—and ultimately the direction of those closest to you as well as the rest of humanity. You’ll be inspired by stories of people who, in their own ways, greatly impacted our world—historical figures such as William Wallace, George Washington Carver, John Adams, and others.

Radical Forgiveness

In Radical Forgiveness, you will learn to embody sense of forgiveness that restores your heart, calms your mind, and uplifts your soul. Your life will be transformed, as will the lives of those around you, when you learn to disarm the past through the power of forgiveness.

Timeless Wisdom from the Traveler

Timeless Wisdom provides you with seven principles demonstrated by great men and women throughout history: Harry S. Truman, Anne Frank, King Solomon, Joshua Chamberlain, Abraham Lincoln, and more.