The Holidays Dock is always changing.  Elves, bunnies, leprechauns, groundhogs, and cupids redecorate constantly while veterans, moms, dads, and a few former presidents stock new content according to your favorite upcoming days of the year!  Come on in…the fireworks will begin soon!

Legend Meets Legend

From the Audio Book and Writer’s Docks, Wisdom Harbour presents a unique fusion of two legendary talents! Jean Shepherd’s iconic voice with the timeless poetry of Robert Service provides an extraordinary combination of classic artistry.

The 50 Best Things Anyone Ever Said About A New Year!

To celebrate the beginning of 2024, Wisdom Harbour proudly presents The 50 Best Things Anyone Ever Said About A New Year! Our Wisdom Harbour Contributors have collected a captivating collection of deep thoughts that encapsulate the hope, reflection, and joy associated...

That Christmas in the Swamp

A brand new story for Christmas from Andy Andrews! Two adventurous brothers, eight and eleven years old, find themselves in an unexpected Christmastime adventure at night in the mysterious Hal’s Lake Swamp. Raised with a love for the outdoors and hunting, the boys are seasoned beyond their years, but nothing could prepare them for the eerie occurrences and intriguing characters they encounter in the swamp’s depths. Night falls and they realize…they’re lost! This story weaves a tapestry of spooky, moonlit encounters, and heartwarming moments, all set against the backdrop of a Southern wilderness. Perfect for those who enjoy a blend of suspense, nature, and the magic of childhood adventure, this tale promises to keep readers on the edge of their seats, wondering what lies beyond the next turn in the swamp.

For Your 4th of July…a Priority

History serves as a guide, reminding us of both the virtues and mistakes of the past. History is a teacher that offers valuable lessons for the present and the future. As we celebrate this Independence Day, let us take a moment to appreciate the importance of our nation’s history, seek out the unique perspective of our elders, and preserve their wisdom for the betterment of our society.

Mama Lies

It’s Mother’s Day Eve…which might be good opportunity to remind Mom about how she demanded we tell the truth…and lied about what would happen if we didn’t!  (“When you tell a lie, a little man appears in your eyes and I can see him…”)  Now that many of us are adults...



A few years ago I attended my first Catholic mass in a busy church outside Birmingham. It was Easter Sunday. I sat in the nosebleed section.

July 4, 2022

It was LIVE on…now The 4th of July Blue Plate Special is packaged and ready for your gang to enjoy over the weekend! Full of funny facts and trivia about America’s liveliest holiday. We even added a little bit about Elvis!

Showing Off: Away In the Manger

Our Captains are humble people, but… Some of them are SO talented that from time to time, the Harbourmaster will persuade them to “show off” just for you. Watch and listen as Gordon Mote displays a skill that will have you laughing and shaking your head in astonishment!

Ducking the Game Warden

It’s the week before Christmas, and when the guys from Sawyerton Springs hit the woods for their traditional duck hunt, they manage to surprise their friend (and local game warden) with a secret tradition!

Christmas in 1776

What might Christmas have been like for children during the Revolutionary War? While Washington’s army nearly froze, what did the kids know and how did they handle having a parent away from home serving the country? Snuggle up with your child and listen to this classic short story together—Christmas In 1776.