The Holidays Dock is always changing.  Elves, bunnies, leprechauns, groundhogs, and cupids redecorate constantly while veterans, moms, dads, and a few former presidents stock new content according to your favorite upcoming days of the year!  Come on in…the fireworks will begin soon!

Ducking the Game Warden

It’s the week before Christmas, and when the guys from Sawyerton Springs hit the woods for their traditional duck hunt, they manage to surprise their friend (and local game warden) with a secret tradition!

‘Twas The Night Before Christmas

Presented by Bill and Gloria Gaither — On the night of Christmas Eve, a family is settling down to sleep when the father is disturbed by noises on the lawn outside.

Dying for a Valentine’s Date

Was it an exaggeration or an outright lie? You decide…but either way, it’s a funny story about a young man taking advantage of a misunderstanding!

The Christmas Parade

This hilarious story details the events leading up to the “ping-pong ball drop” at the annual Christmas parade in Sawyerton Springs…and things did not go quite as planned.

Christmas Traditions

The hilarious tale of a Thanksgiving when the pastor had to admit he wasn’t thankful at all…and what he did about it!

Socks for Christmas

The classic “coming of age” story about a boy becoming aware of less fortunate children…and the truth about Christmas.

A Thanksgiving State of Mind

An eBook with pages to turn and illustrations to see…all about one family’s traditions during the
hap-happiest time of the year!