How Do I…

Check out what you might want to learn! A unique and very fun archive of short and medium length videos, topics here are as varied as your imagination!

Prepare to Be Creative

Have you ever struggled with “creativity?”  Do you sometimes feel like you just can’t get your brain into a higher gear? Fortunately, there is a very effective process you can apply that turns uncertainty into razor sharp creativity! One of the most creative people in the world, songwriter Jimmy Yeary has fourteen Number 1 Hits and three Song of the Year awards. In this conversation from the How Do I? dock, Jimmy reveals his secret to creativity—preparation. Watch as he teaches you exactly how to prepare!

Clean, Cook, and Eat Crabs

So you’ve caught a cooler full of crab…now what? Watch as Andy takes you step by step on how to clean your crabs, boil them (with suggestions on what else you can throw into the pot), and finally—how to pick them clean!

Write a Book

Today begins a new series of conversations with published authors. Unloaded at HOW DO I? and THE WRITER’S DOCK at the same time, these conversations will include all the inside information you’ll want to know—from the very best sources—about How Do I Write A Book?

Make Cocktail Sauce?

Granted, there are things in life we cannot control.  Fortunately, cocktail sauce is not one of them.

Here’s how to easily make your own!


Can you juggle? No? Never say never.  Watch as Andy Andrews teaches you how…IN LESS THAN FIVE MINUTES!

Astound your children!  Amaze your friends!  Astonish your co-workers!

Shuck Oysters?

He appears in Chapter 2 of The Noticer.  

Here he is in real life! Watch as Willie shows you how to shuck an oyster!