In Other Words

This dock features short videos that are used to expose the meaning in a wordy piece of literature or history we still recognize, but have honestly never understood.  A part of the original piece is “performed”.  Then, those words are delivered in today’s language and explained…with a few smart remarks added for good measure! 

Margaret Thatcher—Her Most Famous Address

Great Britain’s economy was in shambles, unemployment was high, and bitter disagreements were choking the effectiveness of the government. In such a situation, how does a leader maintain composure and cast a vision for the country that calms anger, delivers hope, and creates buy-in for the work ahead? This is how Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher did just that in her speech known as “The Lady’s Not For Turning”…In Other Words!

General MacArthur on the Great Price of Freedom

It was the last time General Douglas MacArthur would ever address the cadets at West Point.  In one of the greatest speeches ever delivered, the old General used three specific words to describe the soldier who deserved his respect. But, what made those three words so special to him, why did he return to them throughout the speech, and why did his focus on them seem to move the cadets so deeply? 

Fear Itself?

President Roosevelt said it. But why…and why do we only remember that part of his speech? What was everyone so afraid of anyway? Find out quickly as a 3 ½ minute excerpt from Roosevelt’s first inaugural address is explained… IN OTHER WORDS!


To be or not to be?  A bare bodkin? What does any of it mean?  

Find out quickly as a two minute excerpt from Hamlet, Act 3, Scene 1 is explained IN OTHER WORDS!