In Other Words

Welcome to glimpses into the unknown! You’ll enjoy these short videos featuring history, science, biology, and a few facts about everyday life that no one considers. All information here is delivered by the funny teacher you wished you’d had in high school!

General MacArthur on the Great Price of Freedom

It was the last time General Douglas MacArthur would ever address the cadets at West Point.  In one of the greatest speeches ever delivered, the old General used three specific words to describe the soldier who deserved his respect. But, what made those three words so special to him, why did he return to them throughout the speech, and why did his focus on them seem to move the cadets so deeply? 

Fear Itself?

President Roosevelt said it. But why…and why do we only remember that part of his speech? What was everyone so afraid of anyway? Find out quickly as a 3 ½ minute excerpt from Roosevelt’s first inaugural address is explained… IN OTHER WORDS!


To be or not to be?  A bare bodkin? What does any of it mean?  

Find out quickly as a two minute excerpt from Hamlet, Act 3, Scene 1 is explained IN OTHER WORDS!