The standards are high. Massive professional accomplishment is required to be featured on this dock. And though they have selected material just for you, it is really the musician we want you to meet!

Gordon Mote

Jimmy Yeary

Sugarcane Jane

Buddy Greene

Music from Our Contributors

8th Grade

8th grade…an awkward year for some. Most kids just want to fit in with a group of friends, maybe play some sports, or find someone to take to the school dance. For Gordon, growing up blind posed its own challenges, but at an early age, he realized that playing the piano was an easy way to get noticed and make friends. Here’s how Gordon remembers the 8th grade!

The Mystery of the Pass Around

Watch and listen as Gordon Mote records piano for a song he’s never even heard before. This fascinating inside look into recording a demo will leave you wondering…is honky-tonk really that easy or is Gordon just that good?

Your Musical Calendar

We asked Gordon Mote to take us though a calendar year and what each month sounds like to him musically. Watch and listen as you feel the seasons go by!


The second single from his forthcoming bluegrass album, Jimmy says that this song, and especially the video concept, are inspired by his wife, Sonya Isaacs, of the world famous Gospel group, The Isaacs.

Songs In the Key of I… INFLUENCE!

Gordon Mote is back! This time, he’s playing some of his favorite licks from Billy Joel, Lionel Richie, and Elton John—plus discussing what makes each of those artist’s sound and style so unique and distinct. And why they mattered so much to him!

Southern State of Mind

Capturing the mood of the fields and timberlands, this song is about triggering the mental images of a place that evoke a state of mind…a southern state of mind.

Passing the Torch of Influence

How often does it happen…? We admire someone from afar…then, when we meet them, not only do they live up to our expectations, but become a personal mentor as well? Not very often, right? Well…it happened to Gordon Mote!

Showing Off: Away In the Manger

Our Captains are humble people, but… Some of them are SO talented that from time to time, the Harbourmaster will persuade them to “show off” just for you. Watch and listen as Gordon Mote displays a skill that will have you laughing and shaking your head in astonishment!

Bone Dry

Here’s Jimmy performing a song he wrote AND recorded—that just went #1 on the Bluegrass charts…”Bone Dry!”

Let It Heal

The idea for “Let It Heal” began years ago with the memory of a dark night at a friend’s lake house. While staring into the flames of a campfire and purposefully releasing his grip on negative thoughts, Anthony Crawford realized he had created space in his life for more positive things.