The standards are high. Massive professional accomplishment is required to be featured on this dock. And though they have selected material just for you, it is really the musician we want you to meet!

Gordon Mote

He has performed on more than 100 number 1 hit songs… On 75 more that made the top ten… On 70 million albums covering the musical spectrum like no one else in history…
Now, Gordon brings his talent and incredible life lessons to Wisdom Harbour.

Buddy Greene

Buddy Greene

Did you know that someone has performed The William Tell Overture at Carnegie Hall…on the harmonica?  That “someone” was Buddy Greene! A songwriter, singer, guitar player, (and harmonica virtuoso) Buddy grew up in Macon, Georgia.  The southern upbringing influenced much of his writing and many of his recordings with a country, bluegrass, and gospel flavor.

Jimmy Yeary

It’s not surprising. Jimmy has written more than two-thousand songs, many of which have been featured on albums selling millions of copies—Grammy winners, gold and platinum awards among them. Nine of Jimmy’s songs have been certified “Number 1” hits as singles by Billboard Magazine.

Sugarcane Jane

The husband and wife duo–performing as Sugarcane Jane–has amassed an extremely loyal following by producing some of the freshest vocal harmonies heard in decades. Anthony and Savana Lee Crawford create what they proudly call “Organic Music.” Rich, homegrown, and natural, their brand of Americana draws from a deep well of roots influences, interwoven with inflections of gospel, country, jazz, and rock.

Armon J. Newton & Albert Burgos Jr.

Voice actor and emcee Armon J. Newton and producer Albert Burgos Jr. are two friends from California who got together to produce an incredible set of songs featuring each of the Seven Decisions.