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Presidential Facts

Join Jimmy Yeary for a whirlwind tour of unexpected presidential tales that we Betcha Didn’t Know! From Thomas Jefferson and James Madison’s arrest over a Sunday carriage ride to John Quincy Adams’s bathtub alligator…delve into humorous and lesser-known stories of presidential pastimes, pets, and peculiar moments. This episode offers a unique glimpse into the personal lives and eccentricities of U.S. Presidents, showcasing history’s lighter side…only on the Betcha Didn’t Know Dock!

Protocol Conversations: Manners in the Doctor’s Office

Buckle up for a delightful journey through healthcare etiquette with Monica Earley and Andy Andrews in this episode of Protocol Conversations! They share engaging stories and practical tips on everything from proper greetings at the doctor’s office to considerate behavior in the waiting room. Discover the right way to manage speakerphone etiquette in public and learn the ins and outs of being an exemplary patient or medical staffer. While the laughs are plenty, the advice is invaluable, offering a perfect blend of entertainment and essential etiquette for navigating the healthcare world. Don’t miss out on this insightful yet entertaining exploration of medical manners!

My Valentine

We were newlyweds, living in a grungy apartment. Each morning, I would wake before her. I would pass my morning hours writing poetry on a yellow legal pad, sipping coffee. Mostly, I’d write the kinds of god-awful things you’d expect newlyweds to write. I’m talking painfully corny stuff. I’d leave these poems on slips of paper scattered throughout our apartment for her to find.

Valentine #1: When Did I Start to Love You?

One Valentine’s Day in the 70s, I found myself at an arena parking garage in our tour bus without a Valentine for Bill or any way to get one. The children were little then, so I had their stash of art supplies—construction paper, scissors, glue, markers—in the bus.  I decided to make a Valentine and write him my heart.

The Inklings

Join Briley Crisafi for a captivating journey into the friendship and literary world of C.S. Lewis and J.R.R. Tolkien. Discover the story behind “The Inklings,” an informal gathering where these iconic authors exchanged ideas, critiques, and encouragement, shaping some of the most beloved tales in literature. From their unique writing pact to the creation of Middle Earth and Narnia, you’ll hear the widely untold story of their collaboration, inspiration, and the remarkable legacy they left behind…only on the Betcha Didn’t Know Dock.