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Protocol Conversation: Napkins

Monica Earley—former Special Operations Chief Protocol Officer—is back and leading the conversation about accepted codes of behavior in every situation. In this episode, she’s covering napkins and answering questions like…what does dough and a towel have in common, is there a correct side of the plate to place your napkin, what kind of napkin is believed to be used at the Last Supper, and more! Get it all in this Protocol Conversation!


Technology can be great…but is there a downside to overuse? Watch and listen as Lauren Bradford takes you through the five dangers of technology overuse in this discussion of her Digital Diet Plan—UNPLUG!

Mama Lies

It’s Mother’s Day Eve…which might be good opportunity to remind Mom about how she demanded we tell the truth…and lied about what would happen if we didn’t!  (“When you tell a lie, a little man appears in your eyes and I can see him…”)  Now that many of us are adults...

The Mason Jar

Ordinary household items are often overlooked. Curiously, the mason jar has a fascinating past dating all the way back to Emperor Napoleon. Today, you won’t believe what the famous glass company is up to, and that old jar sitting in your basement…it could be worth more than $20,000. Watch as Armon J. Newton unseals it all in this classic Betcha Didn’t Know!