In The Warehouse, we store everything that’s been unloaded from the Content Barges. You can see it all in a glance…and each piece is arranged by delivery date!

U.S. Armed Forces

U.S. Armed Forces

There are six service branches of the United States Armed forces, but did you know they’re always listed in a specific order? Watch and listen as Monica Earley covers the founding date and motto of each branch in this fascinating Betcha Didn’t Know!


Have you ever been driving home from work, dreading that pile of dirty dishes you know is waiting in the sink, but – SURPRISE – when you arrive, the dishes are done and the kitchen is spotless!  Someone – presumably a family member – saw a job that needed to be done...

Soupy Chicken & Rice

In this latest addition to The Galley Dock, Bob Woodall is walking you through step-by-step for making what is soon to become a staple in your kitchen—soupy chicken and rice!

The Potato Chip

Do you love potato chips? Does it irritate you to buy what you believe to be a FULL bag of potato chips, only to find out when you open it that half the bag is…MISSING? Did you know potato chips were created by…an irritated chef? Grab a [half] bag and listen up! In this Betcha Didn’t Know with Armon Newton, you’re going to learn everything you never knew you needed to know about the potato chip!