A sampling of various podcasts—targeting specific episodes—are gathered here for your perusal. Also included in this line-up is every episode of The Professional Noticer, a podcast by your Harbormaster, Andy Andrews.  

Insight with Gordon Mote

Listening to Advice with Blake Shelton

Listen as Gordon has a discussion with one of the world’s most visible mentors. Blake shares that listening to advice makes him a bigger and happier person.  He tells us that helping people and passing on knowledge is the greatest thing in the world!

The Professional Noticer with Andy Andrews

More Than a Bag with Cindy Monroe

Tune in to hear Cindy talk about More Than a Bag, a book that shares a look at how personal values intersect with business to create an impact through times of whirlwind growth and times of adversity. Listen as she shares the interesting story behind why she started Thirty-One, why she gave it the name, and who her business serves! Order your copy of More Than a Bag: Celebrating the First 20 Years of the Thirty-One Story.

What If? with Mike Rayburn

Tune in to hear Mike talk about his approach to becoming “the best.” Illustrated through his unusual approach to playing the guitar, Mike teaches how to get into the mindset of asking yourself questions that lead to innovation.

Perfect Pitch with Gordon Mote

Tune in to hear Gordon talk about being born blind, discovering his gift of playing piano at the age of 3, and how he got to where he is today!