The Professional Noticer

Observations and Answers with Andy Andrews

Hosted by New York Times bestselling author Andy Andrews, this inciteful (often hilarious) podcast is built around Common Sense, Wisdom, and Laughter—three ingredients Andy has harnessed to produce extraordinary results for his clients throughout the years.

More Than a Bag with Cindy Monroe

Tune in to hear Cindy talk about More Than a Bag, a book that shares a look at how personal values intersect with business to create an impact through times of whirlwind growth and times of adversity. Listen as she shares the interesting story behind why she started Thirty-One, why she gave it the name, and who her business serves! Order your copy of More Than a Bag: Celebrating the First 20 Years of the Thirty-One Story.

What If? with Mike Rayburn

Tune in to hear Mike talk about his approach to becoming “the best.” Illustrated through his unusual approach to playing the guitar, Mike teaches how to get into the mindset of asking yourself questions that lead to innovation.

Perfect Pitch with Gordon Mote

Tune in to hear Gordon talk about being born blind, discovering his gift of playing piano at the age of 3, and how he got to where he is today!

The Precious Present with Steve Jacobson

Tune in to hear Jake discuss his unusual commitment to serving others and how that stemmed from growing up with sports and playing college basketball for Wisconsin. You’ll hear about “the precious present” mindset coach Bo Ryan taught and how it continues to impact his life. 

The Future After Disaster

Remember, problems are solved by people who make themselves comfortable with confusion…until there is no more confusion. Whatever hand is dealt, we will deal with it, and become better because of it.

Also, what’s something Dolphin Cruises, Bobbie Gentry, and Sugarcane Jane all have in common? …well, they’re all mentioned in this episode, BUT tune in for Andy’s musings on each.

Big Decisions? Here’s Some Advice

Tune in to hear Andy’s thoughts on asking the opinion of others before making major decisions, and why this strategy will increase your success.

Andy also answers a question from a woman who hosts a small group that is nearly finished reading The Noticer. She’s asking the curious question…was Jones real and did the events actually occur, or is the story mostly ‘parables’ to get a point across?

The Ability to Always Make “Right” Decisions: Is It Possible?

Andy answers a question from a filmmaker who produces inspirational stories. A friend who had read the Storms of Perfection series suggested he ask Andy how he was able to successfully talk with people about turning their failures into success.

Andy also answers a question from a woman whose husband started the 21-Day Challenge of reading a decision from The Traveler’s Gift each morning—that’s reading the same decision for 21-days before moving on to the next.  She is not sure she agrees with a certain part and would like Andy to elaborate.  He does…! 

Rapid Fire Questions, Part 3

Tune in to hear Andy’s answers about when he first realized he wanted to be a writer, how long it takes to write a book, a suggestion for how aspiring authors can become better writers, and more!

Rapid Fire Questions, Part 2

Tune in to hear Andy’s answers about what he fears most when giving a presentation, what the physical effects of speaking are, how he divides time between delivering ideas and creating them, and more!

Rapid Fire Questions, Part 1

Tune in to hear Andy’s answers about growing up and moving around, hilarious moments at a family wedding, which family member was his greatest coach in life, and more…