The Professional Noticer

Observations and Answers with Andy Andrews

Hosted by New York Times bestselling author Andy Andrews, this inciteful (often hilarious) podcast is built around Common Sense, Wisdom, and Laughter—three ingredients Andy has harnessed to produce extraordinary results for his clients throughout the years.

The Homeless… How SHOULD You Help?

Tune in to hear where Andy thinks YOUR level of responsibility rests in helping the people of this world, and how you can determine if you’re on the right path when doing so.

Well…yes. There is a HUGE RED FLAG that most never see!

Andy fields a question from a father with three teenaged sons who are beginning to date. He’s seen how siblings can drift apart as they get older, particularly if a spouse drives a wedge between the relationships. How, he wonders, can his sons stay closely connected to each other even as adults? Is there anything he can teach his children now that might equip them as they seek to avoid trouble in the future? Tune in to hear why Andy says that IF YOU SPOT THIS in the early stages of building a relationship, you should run the other way.

Do You Want to Stay Alive?

Tune in to hear Andy’s simple suggestion for how to win when competing for a job or opportunity, and how to do so even over more experienced competition!