The Professional Noticer

Observations and Answers with Andy Andrews

Hosted by New York Times bestselling author Andy Andrews, this inciteful (often hilarious) podcast is built around Common Sense, Wisdom, and Laughter—three ingredients Andy has harnessed to produce extraordinary results for his clients throughout the years.

Finding Your Purpose

Tune in to hear the “game” Andy played with his sons to help them understand why you won’t often find what you’re not looking for.

Easing the Heart Through a Breakup

Andy answers a question from a mother whose child just suffered her first heartbreak. She wants to know if Andy has any tips on how to guide her daughter through this painful situation.

Communicating Effectively

Tune in to hear Andy’s suggestion for what YOU can do to help people listen better—so you can effectively communicate your own wisdom and experience.

The Path to Prosperity

Tune in to hear how imagination, practice, and persistence will lead to a destination better than you ever thought possible. Because you know… Eric Clapton wasn’t any good at guitar—till he learned to play guitar!

What is Your Narrative?

Tune in to hear how you can steer your life in a positive direction during this time…and why NOT leading the narrative can be dangerous.

How Are You Spending Your Time?

Tune in to hear about a fun game that Andy suggests you play at home, especially if you have kids. It only costs a penny to play!

When Life Changes Course…

Tune in to hear Andy’s stories about several friends who looked like they were going into professional baseball but found themselves in a different arena when their lives changed course.

Over-Giving in Relationships?

Tune in to hear Andy’s thoughts on why you cannot force results on another person, and why asking questions can sometimes be better than commands or directions.

How Do You Kill 11 Million People?

Tune in to hear Andy share surprising proof that this book was written for everyone, and he hasn’t even told the publisher about it yet.