Adult Children

What Will Your Kids Remember About You When You’re Gone?

Well, I remember my parents, of course, I remember a lot about my parents, but my parents died, when I was 19. My mom died of cancer. My dad was killed in a car accident. And when you’re 19, there’s not a lot of things you think about as far as somebody may die or gathering things that you want to remember. And so I have ended up in my life with not much of my parents things.

How do I stay relevant as a parent to my child who is 34 years old?

It all starts with value. You stay relevant by being valuable. You know, your child is an adult. This is a 34 year old human being. And, and the decisions you’re child is making our adult decisions and they’re making adult decisions about where they spend their time and who they spend their time with and, and who they listen to and who they don’t listen to and who they seek out for help and who they don’t.