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Do businesses have their own culture?

Absolutely. Businesses have their own culture. Businesses have their own culture, families have their own culture, a teams have their own culture, towns, communities, neighborhoods have their own culture. And so when you think about it, of course businesses have their own culture. Um, the culture is created and this is the simple answer, but the culture is created by results. Uh, I think, you know, you asked do businesses have their own culture? Uh, yes. And it is, uh, it is either purposefully chosen or it is allowed to manifest itself by just, uh, you know, whichever way they managed to ooze down the alleyway. And, and what I mean by that, it sounds kind of bad. What I mean by that is it, you know, you and I could go outside today and we could find somebody who’s, uh, who’s dressed the way they dress or our, uh, the way they look or you know, by how they decorated themselves with jewelry or tattoos or whatever.

And, uh, and the way they talk and the way they, they act, we could look at somebody, we can find something very quickly that, you know, their whole being is not, um, is, is not geared toward opportunity for themselves. Let’s put it that way. Right? And if we asked them, if we said, why do you act that way? Why do you talk that way? Why do you dress that way? And if they had to tell us the truth, most times the answer would be, well, we all dress like this. We all like, like this, this is, you know, this is how my people dress as I, I’m honoring my ancestors, run New Jersey in New Jersey. Everybody talks like this. And so these are, these are my people. I’m honoring my people. This is our culture. Well, Si, Si, you will either choose your culture or one will be chosen for you and you’ll just act kind of acquiesce to it.

And it, which is what most people do. Most people just kind of acquiesce to a culture that has chosen for them. But, but let me tell you this about businesses and that is that the business is get to choose their thinking and they get to, to, to have their thinking, uh, create choices. And then they, those choices, they get to choose action. And those actions create results with, they don’t necessarily get to choose the culture that is labeled upon them by the community. Okay. Because the community is only looking at results and to them that’s what your culture is. Now you can choose to, to produce results that will have you considered in a certain way. But you know, if I’m sitting in front of a football coach and he says, we have a culture of winning here and, and I’m like, you guys have been three and eight every year since I remember.

I mean you may, you may say you have a culture of when he me a hope to one day have a women, but you don’t have a culture of winning. Just cause you put it on your billboard. Just because you put it on your business card doesn’t mean you have a culture of, of winning, but you create your own culture, what, whatever your culture is, everybody has one and you can create it with your results. And it’s the public that decides whether to do business with you or whether to not do is noted core into your culture according to your results. Corny and though cause those results and it’s all, you know, passed around word of mouth. And so do businesses have their own culture? Absolutely. Just like families do, just like teams do, just like people do who are only honoring their ancestors from New Jersey.