The Salty Mug
What Were You Thinking?

For almost twenty years, the words and actions of Dan Stone have impacted young and old, their families, the businesses they own or work for, and the communities in which they live.  In America alone, the successful efforts he has initiated and seen to conclusion are often used by Leadership experts as examples of the best they have seen. It is interesting to note, however, that when asked, even these insiders are often at a loss to include everywhere Dan Stone has made significant impact, much less describe exactly what he does.

After a recent interview, one journalist remarked to a peer, “Okay, I am at a loss. How—in one article—am I supposed to relate the range of this man’s career along with the depth of his personal life when I’m having a hard time comprehending it myself?”   Despite her reservations, the answer she provided to her own question was eloquent. “It is an overwhelming task,” the reporter wrote, “perhaps even an impossible one—to describe the reality of results chronicled by so many diverse people in such dissimilar locations.”

She explained further by noting, “From the nation’s deserts to its beaches, the stories about him are everywhere.  Corporate types will tell you about Dan Stone, the Creative Thinker. Those who have searched for purpose or deeper meaning talk about Dan Stone, the Spiritual Leader.  Then there are Millennials and those of Generation X who each swear that Dan Stone is a Life Coach.”

Today, Dan and his wife, Lindsi, are the parents of five happy, but very cold children in Duluth, Minnesota.