Betcha Didn’t Know

Welcome to glimpses into the unknown! You’ll enjoy these short videos featuring history, science, biology, and a few facts about everyday life that no one considers. All information here is delivered by the funny teacher you wished you’d had in high school!

Animals in WWI

An incredible Betcha Didn’t Know right out of the annals of history…but never included in anyone’s history book! From brand new Captain Julie Richard, a fascinating story about the animals who fought in World War I !!!

Warning Labels

Just unloaded from the content barge, a long awaited, short video by Andy Andrews that actually needs a Warning Label…one that should say: Warning! This Betcha Didn’t Know about Warning Labels is extremely funny!

Alexander Graham Bell

Yes, he invented the telephone, but do you know what else Alexander Graham Bell did? Once, he actually set a record for speed on water! Join Leslie Anne Tarabella with a fun and fact filled ride from the Betcha Didn’t Know dock!

The Tomato

The tomato used to be a vegetable and poisonous…now it’s neither. How did this happen?

The Antarctic Snow Cruiser

What weighed 75,000 pounds, could only move backwards, and had an airplane on top? America’s Snow Cruiser, of course! The story ends in Antarctica during World War II. Here’s how it all began…!

The Peanut

What else is there to learn about the peanut? A whole LOT more, as it turns out! Here’s the underground scoop on a nut that’s not even a nut!

The Art of Heists

On the worldwide list of crime for dollars, stolen art is number 3 on the list. Only 1) Arms dealing and 2) Drugs rank higher. Here’s why…

Da Vinci’s To-Do Lists

Leonardo Da Vinci is known as one of history’s greatest minds. Ever wonder what he thought about on a daily basis? Join Emily Isbell on the Betcha Didn’t Know Dock and examine some of Da Vinci’s “To Do Lists” to find out!

The Stargazer

How does one gain a reputation as the meanest fish on the block? The one grabs, electrocutes, and eats victims alive, it is a good start.  Meet the ocean’s super villain: “The Stargazer!”

Einstein’s Brain

Would you believe Albert Einstein’s brain was stolen and went missing for 40 years—only to turn up after traveling across the U.S. in a Tupperware container? Find out the history and final resting places (yes, that’s two) of the brain belonging to one of the smartest men in history.

The Egg

As it turns out, the common egg isn’t as common as you’d thought!