Betcha Didn’t Know

Welcome to glimpses into the unknown! You’ll enjoy these short videos featuring history, science, biology, and a few facts about everyday life that no one considers. All information here is delivered by the funny teacher you wished you’d had in high school!

The Mason Jar

Ordinary household items are often overlooked. Curiously, the mason jar has a fascinating past dating all the way back to Emperor Napoleon. Today, you won’t believe what the famous glass company is up to, and that old jar sitting in your basement…it could be worth more than $20,000. Watch as Armon J. Newton unseals it all in this classic Betcha Didn’t Know!

Aunt Sammy

Uncle Sam wants you! Most of us can picture Uncle Sam’s image in our minds. But what about Aunt Sammy? Did you even know there was an Aunt Sammy? In this classic “Betcha Didn’t Know,” Leslie Anne Tarabella tells the story of an important American lady–and why millions of people counted on her during The Great Depression and throughout World War II. Aunt Sammy was a constant presence on national radio for two decades. She received hundreds of thousands of letters. And she wasn’t even real! This is History that has been forgotten…but is still worth knowing today!

Audie Murphy

Too young to enlist, Audie Murphy falsified documents to join the Army and became a national hero. Fighting in World War II, Audie Murphy became the most decorated solider in U.S. history. Recognizable for his accomplishments, he went on to star in more than 40 movies—including playing himself in the 1955 film “To Hell and Back.” Watch and listen to this unbelievable story—with scenes from the movie of the actual Audie Murphy—and you’ll agree, “This man stands taller than John Wayne.”

More Than Rushmore?

Betcha Didn’t Know that Mt. Rushmore is not technically finished… And are you aware of its even bigger neighbor—the Crazy Horse Memorial? Watch and listen as Dr. Mark Foley guides you through the secrets of these two massive monuments. Plus you’ll hear about the hidden chamber deep inside Mt. Rushmore…and the historical documents sealed inside!

The Donut

Would you believe the donut was invented by a cow? That’s the story the early colonials told…but the real story is lots older and much sweeter. From Africa to Asia, the Middle East, Europe, North and South America—just about everyone has their own spin on the famous dessert. So, wherever you are, grab your favorite fried dough and watch this deliciously exciting Betcha Didn’t Know!

U.S. Armed Forces

U.S. Armed Forces

There are six service branches of the United States Armed forces, but did you know they’re always listed in a specific order? Watch and listen as Monica Earley covers the founding date and motto of each branch in this fascinating Betcha Didn’t Know!

The Potato Chip

Do you love potato chips? Does it irritate you to buy what you believe to be a FULL bag of potato chips, only to find out when you open it that half the bag is…MISSING? Did you know potato chips were created by…an irritated chef? Grab a [half] bag and listen up! In this Betcha Didn’t Know with Armon Newton, you’re going to learn everything you never knew you needed to know about the potato chip!


Is life just a roll of the dice? Do we wake up every day with no choice but to play the cards we are randomly dealt? Are our lives bound only by chance…or do logic and reason have a place at the table? From the unexplainable, dating back thousands of years, to our modern day cities, the idea of “chance” often shrouds the view of something greater. Is there evidence to suggest that maybe we’re not as advanced as we think? In this content packed Betcha Didn’t Know, Andy will leave you wondering…just what are the chances?

Measure Up!

What do Myanmar, Liberia, and the United States have in common? How many furlongs is a mile? What’s a BTU? Grab a ruler, and put on your running shoes…because Julie Richard is going the distance to explain measurement in a way you’ve never heard before in this classic Betcha Didn’t Know!

The Official U.S. Flag Code

Monica Early, the former Chief of Protocol for Air Force Special Operations is here to set the record straight on “do’s and don’ts” with the American flag.


Julie Richard is the CEO of Fearless Mom…so if there’s one thing she knows well, it’s how to be a super mom. Today, in this latest edition of Betcha Didn’t Know, Julie reveals some secrets about some of the best mothers in the animal kingdom…and how humans take this supermom thing to an entirely different level!

How Much IS a Trillion Dollars?

A Trillion…? That’s a lot of anything! Have you ever wondered how much space that would take in $100 bills, or how many pounds a trillion ants would weigh? Get ready to find out — as Andy Andrews answers more TRILLION dollar questions on this Betcha Didn’t Know!