Betcha Didn’t Know

Welcome to glimpses into the unknown! You’ll enjoy these short videos featuring history, science, biology, and a few facts about everyday life that no one considers. All information here is delivered by the funny teacher you wished you’d had in high school!

Sliced Bread Ban

Dive into the surprising tale of sliced bread with Julie Richard in this Betcha Didn’t Know! Explore its unique journey from groundbreaking invention to an unexpected wartime ban in America. This entertaining video is packed with humor, historical insights, and fascinating facts that will change the way you look at this daily staple. Discover a story that’s more than just about bread – it’s a slice of intriguing history!

Pepsi Fleet

Join Dr. Mark Foley for an intriguing look at a lesser-known Cold War story. Discover how Pepsi Cola, more than just a soft drink giant, ended up owning a fleet powerful enough to be one of the world’s largest navies. This episode uncovers an extraordinary tale of international politics and unique corporate strategies. Tune in for a surprising slice of history that blurs the lines between commerce and military might in this Betcha Didn’t Know!

Black Cod

Discover the surprising world of Alaskan black cod in this exciting episode of Betcha Didn’t Know, hosted by Briley Crisafi. Dive deep into the ocean’s mysteries as Briley reveals why these fish, also known as “butterfish” for their rich flavor, are more valuable the deeper they’re caught. From their unique non-relation to codfish to their extraordinary lifespan and high omega-three content, this episode is packed with fascinating facts. Learn about the challenges fishermen face, from cunning sperm whales to the quest for the oldest black cod. It’s a journey through the depths of the ocean that promises to amaze and educate. Don’t miss out on this underwater adventure!


Ever glanced at a crayon box and wondered if there’s more to those colors? Join Leslie Anne Tarabella as she unveils the mesmerizing world of tetrachromacy on this Betcha Didn’t Know! Discover the rare phenomenon that allows some women to see colors beyond imagination. From the science of retinal cones to the artistic wonders of a tetrachromat, prepare to have your mind painted with curiosity. And wait, what’s that about a Mantis shrimp at the optometrist? Dive in for 7 minutes of colorful revelations, a sprinkle of humor, and a touch of the mysterious. Are you ready to see the world a little differently?

The Hairy Facts

The Hairy Facts

Get ready to be floored by Briley Crisafi’s hair-raising tales! Discover Teddy Roosevelt’s inauguration secret, bust the myth about George Washington’s wig, and venture into the medieval magic of hair. Curious about the texture of your locks? It’s all in the shape! And as for the golden threads in our hair – especially newborns – it’s more real than you think. Dive deep into these follicle facts with this Betcha Didn’t Know episode and uncover the mysteries of our crowning glory!

The Great Depression

Hold on to your forks as Armon J. Newton whisks us through the zaniest culinary tales of the Great Depression! From Eleanor Roosevelt’s interesting choices to the unexpected creation of Kraft Mac & Cheese. Ever considered a corned beef salad in jello or craved Amish coffee soup? Brace your taste buds! This Betcha Didn’t Know is a gastronomic trip through time you won’t want to miss!

The Platypus

Imagine a creature so odd, even scientists doubted its existence! The duck-billed platypus, with features borrowed from ducks, otters, and beavers, baffled experts since its discovery in 1797. But its mysteries run deeper…from electro-receptive hunting abilities to its ancient lineage dating back to the dinosaurs, join Emily Isbell for a thrilling Betcha Didn’t Know, as we delve into the enigmatic world of the platypus!

The Abernathy Brothers

When two boys decide to ride from Oklahoma to New York City, it’s not just about the distance, but the heart and spirit of adventure. With only their ponies and the sky as their map, they journeyed almost 2,000 miles! From meeting presidents to joining the very first ticker-tape parade, these boys sure knew how to make an entrance. In this heartwarming Betcha Didn’t Know from Jimmy Yeary, we pay tribute to the indomitable spirit of the Abernathy Brothers, proving that age is but a number when it comes to epic adventures.


Join Julie Richard as she uncovers the astonishing world of oyster mushrooms in this latest piece from the Betcha Didn’t Know Dock! Discover how these fungi communicate through an extensive underground network, why the oyster mushroom is more of a carnivorous animal than a plant, and more…. You’ll love this “fun-guide” video!

The Wilhelm Scream

What do Star Wars, Spiderman, The Lord of the Rings, Toy Story, and countless other movies have in common? It’s one of the longest running “inside jokes” in Hollywood and can be traced back more than 70 years…when a man was dragged underwater by an alligator. Seriously!  Andy Andrews delivers this hilarious Betcha Didn’t Know. And now, lights, camera, action…scream! 

The Mason Jar

Ordinary household items are often overlooked. Curiously, the mason jar has a fascinating past dating all the way back to Emperor Napoleon. Today, you won’t believe what the famous glass company is up to, and that old jar sitting in your basement…it could be worth more than $20,000. Watch as Armon J. Newton unseals it all in this classic Betcha Didn’t Know!

Aunt Sammy

Uncle Sam wants you! Most of us can picture Uncle Sam’s image in our minds. But what about Aunt Sammy? Did you even know there was an Aunt Sammy? In this classic “Betcha Didn’t Know,” Leslie Anne Tarabella tells the story of an important American lady–and why millions of people counted on her during The Great Depression and throughout World War II. Aunt Sammy was a constant presence on national radio for two decades. She received hundreds of thousands of letters. And she wasn’t even real! This is History that has been forgotten…but is still worth knowing today!