Just For Fun

The happiest place in the harbour, here you’ll find the old and the new. Original material, old favorites, and forgotten classics—hilarious, video and audio unloaded from the Humor Barge and delivered to this dock especially—and regularly—just for you!

A Conversation about Impressions

In this episode on the Just for Fun dock, Jimmy Yeary and Andy Andrews sit down to talk. What happens when two people with interesting backgrounds (who also have interesting perspectives) sit down together for conversations? Get ready to sit back and laugh!

Spot the Difference!

Do you remember the puzzles you did as a child that asked, “What is different about these pictures?” From the Just For Fun dock, here is Wisdom Harbour’s updated version of those old puzzles. Utilizing stunning original photographs, there are at least three differences in each pair. After you find them (if you can) sit down with a child and enjoy the puzzle all over again as they work to spot the differences!

Live at Caesar’s Palace

Touring with Joan Rivers and Kenny Rogers, Andy was voted by over 1,000 colleges and  universities as “Comedian of the Year” in 1985 and both “Comedian of the Year” and overall “Entertainer of the Year” in 1986. Listen in to Andy’s performance at Caesar’s Lake Tahoe with the whole family!

My Miami and Me

Gabe Wicks is at it again!  This time, his parody of an old promotional film is titled, “My Miami and Me!”  Like the best satirical pieces, this 4:36 minute gem could easily fool a lot of people into believing it’s the real deal.

Meet the Great Woolly Pug!

New revelations about our ancient past?  Ray Norman thinks so! The veteran sound designer is not only the voice of this piece, he wrote the words, edited the video, and composed the music!