Just For Fun

How Someone from YOUR STATE Sees the Rest of the United States

As you imagine America’s regions and states…what comes to mind? Have you ever considered that there might be a common thought pattern shared by you and your friends IN YOUR STATE about the other areas of our country? At Wisdom Harbour, we want to know what you think!  From your state, how do you view the others? During the next two weeks, we will be accepting your submissions to be presented to everyone on Saturday, June 8th. To spark your imagination, the JUST FOR FUN dock presents this example:  How Someone From Alabama Sees The Rest Of The United States!

We are providing a blank template for you to use. Just print it out! Your final product can be divided into states, regions, or a combination or both.  Once your version is completed, scan or take a picture of your map and email it to wecare@wisdomharbour.com

And be sure to tell us where you are from!


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