What Advice Did You Receive Before You Married Polly That Has Helped?

I do remember that about a week before we got married, I got a piece of advice that has turned out to be extraordinarily true. And I can’t say I’ve always taken the advice, but I can say this was great advice, and I have passed it on a bunch of times to friends who were getting married or to friends sons who were getting married—this is great advice.

How can I get my spouse interested in personal growth?

The very best thing you can do, is to raise the level of your game as a spouse. Our husbands, our wives, they watch us like hawks. They sense what’s happening. When you raised the level of your game, there is something that is noticed.

Is being different from your spouse a good thing in marriage?

Actually, it’s a necessary thing, not just a good things, a necessary thing. Polly and I’ve been married a while, but I remember early on, maybe in the first couple of years, I remember thinking, oh my gosh, I remember Polly and I coming to the conclusion or the awareness and we didn’t really talk about it a lot.