The Salty Mug

Tucked away in the harbour’s cove area, The Salty Mug provides a private place for quiet conversations over a cup of coffee.  The atmosphere is always casual and of course, it’s BYOM. So Bring Your Own Mug, sit back, and listen to the wisdom of a trusted friend.

How Come Bad Things Happen to Good People?

How Come Bad Things Happen to Good People?

Get ready to dive deep with our newest contributor Briley Crisafi. In this poignant reflection on human nature, Briley shares lessons from familial wisdom, suggesting a transformative perspective on adversity. This Salty Mug will encourage self-growth and pose intriguing questions about life’s purpose and challenges. How will you choose to take the pressure…and can it transform you into a diamond?



Armon J. Newton delves into the intricate beauty of imperfections, drawing from personal experiences and tangible landmarks. In a captivating analogy involving a bow tie and a historic tower, Armon challenges our perception of perfection — offering a refreshing perspective on why imperfections might be more valuable than we realize. A must-watch Salty Mug for those seeking a deeper understanding of life’s inherent flaws.


Got a nagging feeling you’re putting off something important? Procrastination. It’s more than just delaying tasks; sometimes it delays our dreams. Dive deep with Andy on The Salty Mug Dock, as he candidly shares his struggle with procrastination. From the tempting allure of fishing to the distractions of a messy desk, Andy reveals the games he plays with himself to overcome procrastination and move forward.

Stop Making Lists

Are you stuck, trying to make a step toward something in your life but you just don’t know what to do next? You’ve been busy making lists, strategizing, asking everyone their opinion…and maybe that’s the problem. Dan Stone has some wisdom for where to turn when you’re treading water.

Persevering Through Embarrassment

Have you ever found yourself in the midst of a moment when you’re just plain embarrassed? Former Miss Alabama Lauren Bradford has! In this Salty Mug, she relates to you how she was embarrassed in front of millions of people…at the Miss America Pageant!

Random Acts of Kindness

Did you know that kindness is contagious? Jimmy Yeary is here to deliver a special Salty Mug about a random act of kindness that happened to him. You’ll realize how a simple, small act of kindness can spread beyond the initial act and change the world!

Stories from the Road

Wes Hampton is a GRAMMY® Award winning vocalist AND a Master Chef, but this week he’s sharing a few stories from the road. You can’t make this stuff up!

Haven’t Been Yourself Lately?

Have you not felt like yourself lately? Sometimes it’s normal…but what if it’s becoming a problem? Dan unpacks an unbelievable truth on how to reset and be the best version YOU can be.

Feeling Confused?

Are you going through a frustrating time in your life? Spend two minutes alone with Dan Stone. From the Salty Mug Dock…some perspective for today.