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Georgia Christmas

Journey with Sharon, a North Georgia waitress, as she shares her transformation from a giftless, treeless childhood to creating unforgettable Christmases. Over a meal, she reveals her family’s struggles, her mother’s passing, and how she and her brother Sweets crafted a heartfelt Christmas with handmade gifts and twenty dollars. This touching story of resilience and the true spirit of Christmas is a testament to the power of family and creativity in the face of adversity.”

The Day Before The Night Before Christmas

In this celestial narrative, archangels Michael and Gabriel plan a grand event for Jesus’ birth, only to learn from God that the celebration is not for the elite, but for all. As they adjust to simplicity over grandeur, the story unfolds the essence of the first Christmas – a tale of humility, inclusivity, and a miraculous night in Bethlehem.

Mabel the Christmas Dog

Christmas was a little over a week away, but Mabel wasn’t going to make it to the end of the week. It’s never a good time to lose your pet, but during the holiday season, it’s gut-wrenchingly horrible. Especially when it’s the pet who helped raise your children. Mabel slept beneath my boy’s baby beds, listened while they learned to read, and ran along beside them through the swamps and gullies of Mobile Bay on wild adventures.

Two Thanksgiving Day Gentlemen

Discover the intriguing tale of ‘Two Thanksgiving Day Gentlemen’ by O. Henry, a captivating story of tradition and unexpected turns. Join Pete and the Old Gentleman in their unique annual ritual, where traditions collide with unforeseen circumstances, leading to a twist that will leave readers pondering. Delve into this delightful narrative on The Writers Dock and uncover the surprises that await in this classic O. Henry masterpiece.

To All The Poets I Have Known

To All The Poets I Have Known

I am a debtor. My life as a writer/lyricist has been infused with the generous gifts of others—some I’ve known intimately, some I’ve walked with for a time, some I’ve never met. But I own them a debt I keep trying to repay      for giving me a...



Thank you for holding the door for an old woman at Cracker Barrel. You must’ve been fourteen, you were with friends. You were laughing and carrying on when you saw the old woman, pushing a walker. You jogged ahead. You beat her to the door. You held it open. She thanked you. You yes-ma’amed her. And you made my day, kid. My whole day.

Hold the Phone

A crowded restaurant. The place is full of teenagers. Everyone is on their phones. Nobody is talking. I am here with my cousin’s 13-year-old son. He is playing on his phone when he asks, “What was it like before smartphones?” “It was different,” I answer. “Very different.”


Robert W. Service’s poem uses a goldfish to underscore the challenges of constant scrutiny. The fish’s decline symbolizes the harms of perpetual observation. Service emphasizes the essentiality of privacy and the perils of exposure. The poem urges respect for boundaries and the value of solitude. It’s a call for compassion in an often intrusive world.

The Quitter

Robert W. Service’s poem champions human resilience against adversity. It underscores the challenge of persevering in tough times and the ease of succumbing to despair. The poem encourages readers to stay persistent and value mental strength, asserting that true character shines in the face of challenges.

The Woman And The Angel

In Robert W. Service’s poem, an angel descends to Earth, captivating many with his divine beauty. While many are enchanted, he resists earthly desires until a tempting woman questions his morals. As she challenges traditional values, God retrieves the angel to safeguard him, with Satan echoing the dismissal of age-old principles.