Peace of Wisdom
A Right Sized Ego

By Andy Andrews

Imagine you have a flat tire. You pull over and unfasten your spare.  You have the jack and lug nut wrench ready to go. 

A good soul stops and offers help. But you know how to change a tire and you’ve got this. So you politely decline and they leave.

After you’ve raised your vehicle with the jack, another good samaritan stops and offers aid. You graciously refuse again. You are strong, independent, and self-sufficient. You don’t need anyone’s assistance. 

Placing the wrench on the first lug nut, you have a go….   But it doesn’t budge.

You summon all your strength and then try another one.  None of them will even turn. It’s like they’re welded on.

When the next person offers assistance, you will gladly accept it.

You know…it’s fine to take pride in a skill or in knowing how to do something, whether it’s changing a tire, preparing your taxes, cooking a souffle…helping a neighbor… Or pulling yourself out from under a boulder of debt.

But knowing when to ask for help isn’t a sign of weakness.  Rather, it’s a sign of maturity. We all have limitations, and we all need each other.

Today’s Peace of Wisdom comes from knowing when to ask for assistance.


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