Peace of Wisdom

By Andy Andrews

You and everyone you know, at one time or another, need someone to care. Whether you know it or not, someone out there loves you and thinks about you. 

These people in your life. Even the more independent of the people in your life need human interaction…they rely on contact with others to function. What is it exactly that we do to make ourselves a source of positivity and reliance? We behave compassionately!

Compassion to a fellow human being is like oxygen to a drowning person. Without it, each and every individual in your life would suffer. You have the opportunity to sow the seeds of compassion into the garden of your life. 

It is our duty and responsibility as capable human beings, filled with the energy of life, to be compassionate to every person around you. When you show compassion, others respond in kind, thus keeping all our gardens vibrant and healthy.

Today’s Peace of Wisdom can be found in compassion. 



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