Peace of Wisdom
Fiscal Responsibility

By Andy Andrews

Many people see financial responsibility as a way to promote freedom by knowing exactly where they can splurge and where they can save. 

Being cautious with your money has obvious benefits, but financial responsibility can lead to other great habits and practices. 

For example, resourcefulness can help you tap into gratefulness.

If you’re focused on being resourceful, it can help you recognize the things you already have. 

Fiscal resourcefulness can help you notice where you can save immediately without much effort. 

Creativity can aid you in crafting clever ways to preserve or save money. 

Invest in an enjoyable way to make passive income. Add five dollars to a jar for every meal you cook at home! Start a “side-hustle” that aligns with your interests and talents. It’s okay to have fun, too! 

If you create a way to make money with your imagination, might it allow you to pursue the life of your dreams? 

Could you pay for your child’s college tuition, go back to school yourself, take the ultimate vacation, or start a new hobby?

Today’s Peace of Wisdom can be found in using financial responsibility to fine-tune great habits and create the life of your dreams. 


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