Peace of Wisdom

By Andy Andrews

Extending grace to yourself and others makes life sweeter. Grace encourages us to “try again” after a failure. When we give grace to others we foster an environment of learning and growth. It permits open discussion and understanding. 

Acknowledging you were disappointed or your expectations weren’t met is healthy, but be mindful not to dwell on it. 

When we extend grace to others, it’s as if we see ourselves in the other person, acknowledging the human nature we share. We all make mistakes, so be quick to offer grace and support when someone stumbles. 

Grace should also be extended to people with differing opinions – even that one relative who’s on the opposite end of the political spectrum. Grace strengthens our connections and stands to broaden the horizon of your own mind. 

Giving yourself grace means acknowledging you did your best under the circumstances and there’s always room for improvement. And while there is only one truth, two things can be true at once. Holding space for both is graceful. 

Today’s Peace of Wisdom can be found in freely sharing the infinite resource of grace with yourself and others.



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